SRT rounds off their 2016 season with one of the most thought provoking plays this decade. Get your tickets for the Singaporean premiere of Pulitzer-Prize winning play Disgraced, which has also become the most staged play in the US in 2016!

Disgraced follows Amir, an American born Muslim who’s achieved the American Dream with a great job and beautiful artist wife (who happens to specialise in Islam-inspired art). At a celebratory dinner however, things start to unravel when he’s involved in a controversial case of faith and forced to ask himself the question: has he removed himself too far from his roots?

This production of Disgraced will be directed by Nate Silver, who has directed previous runs of the play on Broadway. It’s a briskly paced one act play and isn’t afraid to raise difficult questions about religion in this trigger warning happy world. What with the recent Trump win in the US elections, the question of what it means to be a non-white American and the changing American dream surfaces once more,  encapsulated in this drama-filled journey with SRT.

Disgraced plays from 16 November – 4 December at the KC Arts Centre, tickets available from SISTIC.

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