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Preview: A Yellow Bird (SGIFF 2016)


Local director K Rajagopal’s debut feature A Yellow Bird will be receiving its Singaporean premiere during the 27th SGIFF!

A Yellow Bird stars TV actor Sivakumar Palakrishnan as Siva, an ex-convict released after serving time for eight years. As a minority and burdened with a broken past, life after prison isn’t easy, and Siva navigates the relations with his mother (Seema Biswa), a Chinese prostitue (Huang Lu) and dark truths coming to light that threaten to destroy everything he’s worked for.

A Yellow Bird deals with alienation and solitude, with a subtle soundtrack bringing these emotions to the fore. K Rajagopal previously won Special Jury prizes at prior SGIFFs, and his debut feature promises brilliant cinematography and deep questions of our place in Singaporean society.

A Yellow Bird plays on 1 December. Tickets available here

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