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Getting Up Close and Personal with Lulu and Co.


We were very privileged to get a chance to head down to the surprisingly emotional press conference of Lulu the Movie, and absolutely love the work the cast and crew have done. Lulu the Movie looks set to be as successful as Borat was (though less offensive), with Michelle Chong taking the world by storm by introducing the character to countries as far flung as Shanghai and London and delighting and shocking passers-by with her over the top but winsome personality as Lulu.


We even got a chance to speak to some of the cast members! First off, we spoke to Chen Tianwen and Michelle Chong (as Lulu):

BCM: There’s been so much support, and tickets sales have been insane over the weekend, with many cinemas only with first row seats remaining. How has this amazing bunch of people involved with the film been supporting you?

Lulu: Everyone supports me with their heart. I ask them help me, and I feel everyone is supporting me with their heart. First thing they say is not ‘how much you pay me’ or ‘I’m not free’, first thing they say is ‘yessir! when?’ 感恩感激感动, I really feel the love from them.

BCM: Why should Singaporeans watch this show?

Lulu: Why? Why not! I think the most important reason is that it’s a very funny show, and if many people have seen it and you haven’t you lose out! You want to be kiasu, so you must watch this show!

Tianwen: [In Chinese] It’s actually quite an interesting show. It’s about a PRC woman who comes to Singapore not knowing a word of English, but she’s chasing her dreams and goals, she’s a hardworking woman who tries her best to learn anyway, and even runs off to England to practice with the ang mohs. So many Singaporeans will feel sad when on Facebook they read about people criticizing Singaporeans, but when you flip it over, do you ever think about how you view others? It’s surprisingly hypocritical. Sure, sometimes Lulu does some funny things, but can you really say you won’t make a mistake when you’re overseas? The point is, she just wants to lead a good and happy life, and it’s more than just pure comedy.

Lulu: It’s an inspiring movie!


We also spoke to Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman, both of whom will be appearing in the film:

BCM: You guys both co-host the morning show on 91.3, how do you guys feed off each others’ energy? 

TFD: We each have a certain way of doing things. We’re not afraid of disagreeing, and when the show is over, it’s over. It’s kind of like a couple, being married for many years.

Glenn: So we fight during the show, but we always kiss and make up at the end!

BCM: How does being in the limelight for so many years help you in this role?

TFD: I think it helps me relax even though I’m worried, and I just look at it as doing another show.

Glenn: We’ve done cameos before for TV, and hosted variety shows before, but acting is completely different. I’ve turned down so many cameo roles in the past 20 years because everytime I read the script, someone is either beating me up or I end up dying! You have to give me better roles, let me be a villain! I think it’ll be a fun role.

BCM: But it’s every Singaporean man’s dream to see you beaten up right? 

All laugh.


BCM: Why should Singaporeans come to support Lulu the Movie?

TFD: Number 1 – it’s Michelle Chong! Number 2 – it’s a brilliantly cast film. Number 3 – there will be so many people making cameos, and the fact that there’ll also be real people in the film! There are people Michelle found on the side of the road and actually spoke to them in character!

Glenn: Same for me, we have to show people that you don’t need just Mediacorp people to be in the film for it to succeed. Singaporeans love films where real people are cast and not just celebrities, and that’s the kind of director Michelle is. I think she should be rewarded for it, because her films are very unique. Some films are skewed towards the Chinese speaking audience, but this aims for both English and Chinese speaking audiences.

I’m going to say it now – I think this is going to be the most successful Singaporean film yet, and we have to give her credit for that.

TFD: It really took a lot of courage to do this movie.

Glenn: She broke down just now because she was a little disappointed she didn’t receive more support. And I think the people that didn’t support her should take a good hard look at themselves and stop being petty. They should be proud and supporting her, because she’s done so much for the industry.

It’s been a long journey for Michelle Chong and her team, but that hard work has certainly paid off, as tickets are selling fast, so grab yourself a ticket soon for one local film you’ll more than likely enjoy. We know Lulu’s won our hearts, and surprisingly, has also given us lots of food for thought over the way we view foreigners and ourselves. You can be sure that we’ll be rooting for her all the way both during the run of the film and long after. Go Lulu!

Lulu The Movie will receive its premiere tomorrow and be released islandwide in Singapore cinemas on 24 November


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