All new theatre company Blue Bean Productions will be staging their first ever production this December! Written by up and coming poet-playwright Euginia Tan, her latest piece Dear Jay hopes to bring mental illness to the forefront of audiences’ minds, as we follow the grieving process of Leonard (producer Benedict Leong) when his close friend suddenly leaves him.

Conceived by Tan and Leong after a discussion of their own experiences and struggles with mental illness, Speaking to Euginia at the launch, She says “Dear Jay was born after a month of long conversations, and seeks neither to dismiss nor pity those with mental illness, but for those undergoing it and those around them to understand it better”.


Dear Jay also reunites Euginia Tan with director Hazel Ho, who last collaborated with her on Tuition at the Twenty Something Theatre Festival, which impressed us with its simple yet affective plot and strong acting chops from its cast. We’re excited to see the fruit of this dynamic team’s efforts this time around, so be sure to catch Dear Jay this December!

Dear Jay plays at the Esplanade Studio theatre from 15-18 December. For tickets, email or contact Benedict at +65 9880 2122.

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