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Preview: World Gourmet Summit 2017


Famed for bringing in world-class international cuisine, the exciting World Gourmet Summit returns to our shores for its 21st edition next March! This time, with a focus on sustainability, the WGS will unite more than 30 restaurants and 12 international chefs to form the “United National Gastronomy Assembly” (#UNGA). Chefs will be featured from countries from the likes of Canada, Hungary, Vietnam and Cuba, promising an enticing array of culinary delights.

With the success of WGS over the last 20 years, founder Peter Knipp continues to inject his passion and enthusiasm into the event, which shows in quality of the summit, and the equally talented and outstanding participants. We were especially impressed with Daniele Sperindio, Gerald Lu and Kori Millar, the competition winners of the WGS Awards of Excellence 2017, who we bore witness to during the Overseas Development Programme (ODP). The three shared how their time in the programme taught them new skills and their hopes to push Singapore’s food and beverage scene and service standards to new heights.

With the sound of the drumroll already loud and clear, expect much more to come as we bring you more updates at WGS 2017!

WGS 2017 takes place from 20 March to 16 April 2017. For more updates, follow them on Facebook, and watch this space, as well as our Instagram


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