Over the last eighteen months, eight young theatre makers trained under the directorship of Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho, cumulating in an all new batch of young & w!ld graduates. Now, they’re about to release their first public performance to showcase what they’re made of.

Crossings is a fully devised double bill, consisting stories, characters and themes created by the young & w!ld batch via improv and devising workshops. Crossings’ two plays share a common theme of the difficulty of making decisions, with troubled characters who’ve reached a critical junction in their lives, forcing them between choices that could lead to great self-discovery, or even self-destruction.

In The Mother, The Son and the Holy Ghost, social media savant Vix and an easily annoyed, forgetful mother come together after a train accident. Vix attempts to use the power of selfie sticks to help out her elderly companion, but finds out that just trending isn’t enough when one cannot even remember her own loved ones. Exploring themes of memory and truth, will the odd couple manage to exit the tunnel and see the light once more?

In the second play, young couple Danielle and Chris are set to be married. But behind their dream wedding lies a tangled history of betrayal and abuse when former flames flicker into their midst. As the wedding quickly goes cold, the lovers must face up to the mistakes of their past to deal with the problems of the present, in the nerve-wracking, tension-filled Arbitrio.

With two thought provoking new scripts that will leave you on the edge of your seat, young & w!ld’s Crossings  promises quality productions and heralds the debut of promising new Singapore voices and talents.

Crossings plays at the Centre 42 Black Box from 15-19 February. Tickets available from Peatix

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