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Review: Perfect Liars Club

Four people tell a story. Three are true but one is a lie. Listen. Laugh. Interrogate. Vote.
Can you spot the liar?

If you watch the above video, you should be able to get a pretty decent idea of how the Perfect Liars Club works. Similar to the game where people introduce themselves with two truths and one lie, this part theatre part storytelling experience takes things one step further with four full blown stories, and for its curious and excitable audience to guess: who’s the perfect liar?!


When we visited Tokyo earlier on in January, we got a chance to see for ourselves just what it was like. Situated in Shimokitazawa, the Perfect Liars Club (Tokyo) is currently scheduled for every first Thursday of the month. In this seemingly peaceful district, there lies a hidden gem: the British inspired Good Heavens Bar.From the moment you step in, the entire place radiates energy with the hustle and bustle of people, and you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a pub in the middle of London (mostly from the countless gin and tonics and plates of fish and chips lying around)! With a good mix of people from all walks of life chilling out, socialising and really just being themselves, it’s the immediate image of fun, and more than welcome to the English speaking community.

And the perfect liar is announced…

If you yourself would like to be a part of the show, you can always sign yourself up and submit your own stories to The Perfect Liars Club on their website, and try your hand at ‘lying’ through your teeth. Despite us thinking we had a pretty good grasp on our lie detecting skills, all four stories told were really convincing, and it was hard to really doubt any of them!


Hosting us for the night was Layla from the Perfect Liars Club team, and she kept everything smooth sailing and everyone entertained, and knew how to work the crowd.Eventually the liar of the night was revealed, and there were both whoops and cheers (alongside some well-intentioned ‘awwws’) from the crowd. When we tweeted perfect liar of the night Donna Burke, she admitted that even she was pleasantly surprised that her story was so believable.


Overall, if you’re planning a fun night out with colleagues or friends, consider checking out this unique social experience. Rest assured your hosts will be very warm and welcoming, and the entire audience tends to be very enthusiastic, playing along and building up a real community-like atmosphere over the night. It’s relaxed, loud but not rowdy, and a surefire conversation starter, and a truly unique night out in Tokyo. Tickets even come with a free drink, so there’s really nothing not to like. Pull out those inner lie detectors, because the red herrings and slippery half-truths will be out in full swing!


Perfect Liars Club plays in Tokyo’s Good Heavens Bar on the first Thursday of every month. Their next show is slated for 9 February, tickets and more information available from their website, as well as their Facebook

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