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[Preview] VAULT Festival 2017: Previews 8-12 Feb (Part 2)

Following Part 1, here’s Part 2 of our selections for the VAULT Festival this week, with two plays about life in the city, and a play about a girl learning to cope with grief with the help of a special friend:
Save + Quit by Sophia Leuner

Coming in from a successful Edinburgh Fringe run and being bestowed the honour of being chosen as the winner of the London Student Drama Festival 2015, Save + Quit has a lot of hype surrounding it.

Save + Quit tells the powerful and empathetic stories of two lonely Londoners and two dispirited Dubliners who share glimpses of their daily lives and encounters with a range of characters as diverse  as oily estate agents and pervy co-workers. Living in the two capital cities, the play will explore the isolation of inner city living, but the redemption of the intimacy of genuine human connections.

Playing it minimalist with no set or props and fast-paced, compelling storytelling, Save + Quit is a message to the audience to reach out and find the intersections with each other in spite of their cold, hostile surroundings through its stripped back exploration of human relationships and interactions, examining at a macro level how we all respond the daily challenges in life.

Save + Quit plays at the Studio (The Vaults) from 8-12 Feb at 20:00. Tickets available here

This Must Be The Place by Brad Birch and Kenneth Emson

This Must Be The Place makes its London premiere at the VAULT Festival, coming in from an acclaimed debut at Latitude Festival 2016. Presented by the multi-award nominated Poleroid Theatre, the play will be directed by Justin Audibert (RSC, National Theatre, Young Vic) and stars Feliks Mathur, Molly Roberts, Hamish Rush and James Cooney.

In the second play this week about the state of city life, This Must Be The Place follows two storylines exploring what it means to be alive and all the highs and lows that come with it. Two friends try to begin again in the big smoke, but find themselves still waiting on the fringes, while a man in the midst of crisis tries to make a clean break from technology, connectivity and the pressures of the city. Described as occasionally bleak, but always armed with a keen sense of hope, This Must Be The Place wants its viewers to leave with a heightened awareness of where we are now, and whether we are really, truly living.

This Must Be The Place plays at the Pit (The Vaults) from 8-12 Feb at 19:45. Tickets available here

Don’t Let Me Down by Andy Goddard


Don’t Let Me Down follows the story of a child after the death of her father. There’s a cold, dark hole left in Tess’ life, but things are about to change when she receives a very special birthday present…a balloon. Starring Ciara Baxendale (My Mad Fat Diary, Wooden Overcoats), Andy Goddard (Wooden Overcoats) fuses wry comedy with a raw, honest script in this modern day fairytale where things are not quite as they seem.

Don’t Let Me Down plays at the Pit (The Vaults) from 8-12 Feb at 21:15. Tickets available here

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