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[Preview] VAULT Festival 2017: Previews 15-19 Feb (Part 1)


Week 4 of the VAULT Festival begins in earnest as we present our picks of the week, with musical space odysseys, deaths on the beach, and party girls gone wild with humour:

Summer Nights In Space by Henry Carpenter


Creators of the critically acclaimed rock musical The Quentin Dentin Show are back with an all new sci-fi musical with all the best tropes and elements you’ve come to know and love.

Astronaut John Spartan finally fulfills his dreams of making it to space…only to find there’s more danger than he thought. Accompanied by a ferocious alien and dangerous alien and a computer with attitude, the Auxiliary Transport Shuttle 4 crew must work together to survive in the inky void of space. But everything threatens to fall apart from Spartan responds to a distress signal from an attractive Astro-nette, and makes it his newfound mission to find and save her, which as we know from films like Alien, almost never ends well…

Summer Nights In Space plays at Brick Hall (The Vaults) from 15-19 Feb. Tickets available here

On The Crest Of A Wave by Camilla Valerie and Longsight Theatre

On the Crest of a Wave - VAULT - Poster A3

Award-winning playwright Camilla Whitehill is the brains behind this new show about dead people. Grief can be awkward, so of course, the team makes it that much more bearable by setting it on the sunny seaside of yesteryear, and bringing in a medley of sea puns, bad costumes and surprisingly, a sincere look at mortality.

Featuring wacky songs by musical comedian Luke Courtier, character queen Kat Bond and grumpy, lovable northerner Stephen Myott-Meadows, On The Crest Of A Wave will be a fun seaside adventure roping in the audience to grieve over someone they’ve never met. Expect utter nonsense, honest observations, and the occasional fake seagull.

On the Crest Of A Wave plays at the Cavern (The Vaults) from 15-19 Feb. Tickets available here

Eleanor Conway’s Walk of Shame by Eleanor Conway


Comedienne and relentless clubber Eleanor Conway has done some things most of us wouldn’t even dream of doing: partied around the world as a music journalist, ran off to Asia to work for the triads, made hardcore porn, and Tinder’d most of London…but what happens when the alcohol runs out? Find out in this critically acclaimed comedy debut about sex, sobriety, sambuca and the modern addict that lies within us all.

Eleanor Conway’s Walk of Shame plays at the Crescent (The Vaults) on 15 Feb. Tickets available here. For other tour dates, check out her website here 

We’ll be posting part 2 of our picks tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for the next post!


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