Arts London Preview VAULT Festival 2017

VAULT Festival 2017: Previews 22-26 Feb (Part 1)


We’re entering Week 5 of the VAULT Festival, the penultimate week! And there’s comedy abound with our picks of the week this time around, along with some darker material:

Testament by Old Sole Theatre Company


Award winning writer and performer Tristan Bernays presents Testament, a reimagination of the stories of four overlooked Biblical characters set in modern day America. Consisting of a ragtag group of women, children, outcasts and thieves, Testament finally gives these unknowns a chance to tell their side of the story. Featuring a live score of haunting gospel and blues music, Testament is an exploration of the dark underbelly of the humanity lurking between the lines of The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Testament plays at the Pit (The Vaults) from 22-25 Feb. Tickets available here

Casual Violence: The Grot In The Grotto


Casual Violence has borne the responsibility of ‘making sketch comedy great again’, and their latest piece The Grot In The Grotto will mix their brand of humour with a strange, sinister but extremely silly story, created by the minds behind smash hit podcast-sitcom Hector Vs The Future, YouTube series Violent Night, and multiple critically acclaimed live shows, including last year’s award winning sell-out Slow Fade To Bleak at Soho Theatre.

The Grot In The Grotto is written by Cartoon Network regular staff writer James Hamilton (The Amazing World of Gumball) and developed with the Casual Violence team, and promises sorrowful, sinister sketch storytelling from one of the UK’s self-proclaimed ‘most physically attractive comedy troupes’ ,

The Grot In The Grotto plays at Brick Hall (The Vaults) from 22-25 Feb. Tickets available here

You Having Olaf? by Joseph Cullen


Joseph Cullen stars in this one-man comedy about the joys of working in children’s party entertainment. Attempting to recover from seemingly relentless misery, his latest bad decision to take up the horrifying job in an attempt to cheer him up results in a series of hilarious anecdotes involving the nightmare of childhood, and promises balloon swords and possibly costumes. You’ll be traipsing around kids with a definite sense of trepidation after this show, and as Cullen aptly puts it: “children are not the future; thankfully they are my past.”

You Having Olaf? plays at the Crescent (The Vaults) on 22 & 26 Feb. Tickets available here

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