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Making its Singaporean debut, SRT proudly presents Nick Payne’s Constellations! Originally setting hearts aflutter with Jake Gyllenhaal in its Broadway run, this timeless tale of boy meets girl takes a twist, playing on the infinite ‘what ifs’ in other lives.

The romantic course of Marianne (Singapore born and raised Stephanie Street) and Roland (UK actor Edward Harrison), a physicist and beekeeper, is charted over a series of vignettes set across a million and one trajectories across the multiverse. With concepts such as string theory and parallel universes, this is one romance you won’t forget anytime soon and promises to be infinitely charming and find an eternal place in your heart. Although it comes out after Valentine’s Day, this is definitely one to take a potential date to.

Constellations plays from 8-25 March at the KC Arts Centre. Tickets available from SISTIC. There is currently a 20% discount for Constellations when you purchase tickets for Constellations and Hand to God. This promo ends 24 Feb 2017, Friday. With support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, SRT will be offering limited $15 front row seats for youths. This is for young patrons from 15 – 25 years-old. This is only for Singaporean Citizens, and they can purchase the tickets from SISTIC outlets by presenting their NRIC.

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