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Cafe: The Bravery’s All New Dinner Menu!

Opposite Jalan Besar stadium, countless cafes line Horne Road, a reputed ‘hipster’ area where new eateries and coffee places just seem to keep popping up! Among these, The Bravery is one of the older kids on the block, and has always been one of our favourite places to go ever since discovering it a few years ago, useful as a meet-up place or for a pre-soccer game coffee.
The Bravery could almost be a hidden cafe, what with how difficult it is to find the door! (Hint: it’s the golden panel) Serving up delicious coffee, The Bravery also has a great, peaceful setting, with a real ambience to the place perfect to spend an afternoon reading a book or get some work done with their free WiFi (during their off-peak times, of course). The Bravery also employs super friendly staff, who offer very personal service and are always armed with a smile on their face. The Bravery also happens to be run by Muslims, and the food they serve is all halal, not to mention delicious, all meticulously prepared from scratch.
Recently, the cafe also started an all new dinner menu, extending their usual hours till 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays (the menu is available between 6 and 9.30pm) Specially prepared by Chef Taj. What was recommended for the night was.. And of course i started with my favourite iced-latte, slightly sweetened before embarking on the three course meal.
1) Smoked Duck Breast Pesto Pasta (served cold) ($12.90)
As someone not very fond of pesto, I was apprehensive at first, especially in a dish served cold. Surprisingly, I was bowled over by how tasty it was, and wiped the plate clean in minutes, and definitely wouldn’t have minded a second helping. The combination of smoked duck and pesto provided an umami flavour, and whet my appetite for what was to come next.
2) Sirloin Steak 200g ($26.90)
To do a steak is easy. To do a good steak, is an art form. We were promised that the steak would have nothing to complain about, and this was put to the test when we eyed the sizzling piece of meat before us. Guess what? They were right. Plunging our knife into the steak, we were delighted to find that it sliced right through like melted butter. The meat was well seasoned, and presentation wise, an absolute stunner. We would never have imagined cafe food could reach new heights like this, so professionally done and a serious contender in the F&B industry.
3) Tellamisu [Nutella Tiramisu] ($10.90)
Baked by Malaque Mahdaly, wife of singer Syarif, this unique spin on the classic dessert uses Nutella instead of chocolate to top it off. A sweet way to end off the meal that will go down well with your inner child, or suit any celebration from a birthday to ‘yay I got through the week in one piece!’
The Bravery has been making steady progress since its humble beginnings and this new dinner service has really shown how far it’s come. We were fans before and even bigger fans now, and can’t recommend coming here enough to hang out, have a good meal and feel happy inside.
The Bravery
66 Horne Rd, Singapore 209073 (Nearest Station: Lavender)

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