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Review: Pottymouth by Sharul Channa

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In her first solo outing, comedian Sharul Channa brings us a no holds barred show, rife with her signature brand of observational humour and sharp wit. Despite a rough last minute change of venue (which she roasted to a crisp during the show), the theatre was still packed.

Although Sharul was somewhat nervous at first what with performing on unfamiliar terrain, her confidence grew as she continued to speak and tell her story, and her true self began to shine before long. Pottymouth had a very fun atmosphere around it, probably due to the fact that the audience was full of her friends and family who’ve been supporting her all her life that it felt a bit like a rather large, warm gathering as opposed to audiences watching a comedy.


Not that Pottymouth isn’t funny; it is, seeing how Sharul would never have gotten this far without a wicked sense of humour. But much of Pottymouth is about her life story and her growing up days, from the angsty teenage years in St Margaret’s, to her clubbing days, to the ups and downs of her life pre and post marriage to fellow comedian Rishi Budhrani. As an Indian immigrant, Sharul’s had more than most people’s fair share of hard knocks, sharing candidly tales of her life while she was still in India. Of course, she also makes the requisite observational jokes about the different kinds of Indians, from Punjabs, to Indians to Sindis. Sharul’s story is honest and sincere, but always manages to find the lighter side of her life as well. Knowing the good company she was in in the theatre, Sharul was able to share anything and everything under the sun, with extremely relatable topics.


There’s a rare personal touch to Sharul’s act that differentiates her from other stand up acts. When heckling the audience, it never feels like it’s purely for laughs, but a very personal process, where not only does she get introduced to the audience member, the reverse is true as well, and she reveals an intimate aspect of her life in return, striking at the heart and funnybone simultaneously.

Pottymouth is the perfect show to celebrate International Women’s Day, depicting the life of one woman who’s taken everything that’s been thrown at her in her stride, turning it into her career and revealing her strength in endurance and creativity. With some genuine emotional moments felt when Sharul reveals how she manages to deftly overcome adversity, she manages to paint herself as both a person one could aspire to be, and at the same time completely down to earth, the kind of person you’d want to befriend and meet on a regular basis. A brilliant first show that can only herald more good things to come for Sharul in the months and years to come.

Pottymouth plays on 10th and 11th of March at the Gateway Theatre Black Box, 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, Entrance at Level 7 (pre-function room), Singapore 159461. Tickets available from Peatix


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