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Preview: ITSY by The Finger Players


The Finger Players opens their 2017 season with one of the biggest productions to date, held at the historic and gorgeous Victoria Theatre in an epic musical about the powerful bond between family members and filled with the nostalgia of nursery rhymes. Itsy takes place in a world of nursery rhymes gone dark where Little Miss Muffet’s Itsy Bitsy spider (the ever charming Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan) has galvanised his eight-legged army to terrorise and take over their fantasy world.

Who will save the day? An unlikely hero, in the form of a grandfather (Lim Kay Siu) searching for his lost grandson (Oliver Chong). On his journey, he will meet and become reacquainted with the colourful friends from the nursery rhymes that he used to sing. What follows is an epic war with a ragtag army, consisting familiar characters like Jack and Jill (Tan Shou Chen and Jill Tan), the Three Blind Mice (Audrey Luo, Zee Wong and Ann Lek), Humpty Dumpty (Ebi Shankara) and Twinkle Little Star (Frances Lee). But can they win the war before the grandson transforms into something completely unrecognizable?

Even amongst the strife, at its heart, Itsy tells a heartwarming tale of the love between grandfather and grandson, set against the epic backdrop of a fantasy war. Returning to their strongest and most unique skill at puppetry, Itsy will be Finger Players at their best and most creative, promising to transport audiences to its dazzling, unforgettably colourful world with stunning effects and an enchanting soundtrack, composed by the emotive and frequent collaborator Darren Ng (sonicbrat). Get ready for a blast to the past and a revival of your childhood this March when Itsy premieres.

Itsy The Musical plays at Victoria Theatre from 24 March to 2 April. Tickets available from SISTIC



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