Singapore Repertory Theatre brings Broadway hit Hand to God to Singapore! If you thought puppet theatre was dead, think again. Hand To God plays like a cross between Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, with a touch of evil.

Troubled teen Jason is still coping with his father’s death and is forced to join his mother, Margery in her Church-led puppet group, consisting of his crush and a rebellious boy. When the God-fearing Jason creates a puppet that may or may not have been possessed by the devil, all hell is about to break loose on those around him.

Robert Askins’ provocative dark comedy brings demonic sock puppet Tyrone to life, and this is certainly no Sesame Street as Hand To God comes riddled with vulgarities and a penchant for blood. Starring Daniel Jenkins, Janice Koh, Ann Lek, Thomas Pang and Gavin Yap, Hand To God will put its characters faith to the test while exposing their deepest, darkest secrets – while also involving gratuitous puppet tomfoolery onstage.

Hand to God (R18) plays at the KC Arts Centre from 19 April to 6 May. Tickets available from SISTIC


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