“A badly decomposed corpse was found floating on Singapore River early this morning…”

Teater Ekamatra rounds off The Studios’ 2017 season with Hope (Harap), with an adaptation of Haresh Sharma’s 1994 script into Malay by Zulfadli Rashid. 

Hope (Harap) explores the dynamics of a family and their friends, and the importance of their individual hope as the drive for their dreams, the very basis for desire and want of the human race. Each character is desperate, dejected in their own way and filled with uncertainty and instability in their life, leveraging on their hope to both keep on with life and yet, only prolongs the uncertainty.

Directed by Mohd Fared Jainal, this revival stars Sani Hussin, Siti Hajar Abd Gani, Fir Rahman, Hirzi Zulkiflie and Nur Zakiah Bte Mohd Fared. Come end off your 2017 The Studios experience with this play and find the hope in your life once again, and question the nature of it with Teater Ekamatra.

Hope (Harap) plays from 6-9 April at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets available here.

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