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Preview: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s First Cultural Extravaganza (华彩2017)


The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre presents the inaugural SCCC Cultural Extravaganza this May. Titled  华彩2017, visitors will be able to participate and enjoy a myriad of activities lined up from 20 to 27 May in conjunction with the centre’s opening, celebrating the history and culture of the Chinese.

Voyage - 1 .png
Still from Royston Tan’s Voyage. Photo Credit: Royston Tan.

Opening the festival will be award-winning local filmmaker and Cultural Extravaganza artistic director Royston Tan with the very first-in-Singapore multimedia musical and visual journey. Titled Voyage (起航), viewers can take a trip down memory lane with familiar rhymes and folk songs re-arranged by the critically acclaimed TENG Ensemble alongside clever and riveting 3D projection mapping with holographic imagery, creating multiple wondrous dreamscapes. The performance will see a stellar cast including MediaCorp actor Desmond Tan, veteran actress Li Yinzhu, as well as “getai princess”, Lee Pei Fen.

Tan will also be producing a specially commissioned omnibus film anthology. Titled 667 (回程 667), the films featured will be directed by the next generation of local film directors – Eva Tang (The Songs We Sang), He Shuming (And The Wind Falls), Kirsten Tan (Pop Aye), Liao Jiekai (Red Dragonflies) and Jun Chong.

Dance Ensemble Singapore_1 (Image courtesy of Dance Ensemble Singapore).jpg
Dance Ensemble Singapore. Photo Credit: Dance Ensemble Singapore.

Chingay Parade artistic director Fan Dong Kai and Cultural Extravaganza co-artistic director will present Sing•浪Concert where Xinyao icons and current pop artistes will perform popular Xinyao and locally composed songs from the 1980s to present day, re-arranged by renowned Music Director, Goh Kheng Long. The exciting line-up includes Liang Wern Fook, Pan Ying, Jiu Jian, Gentle Bones, MICappella, Tay Kewei, Alfred Sim, Ling Kai, Jacky Chew and THELIONCITYBOY.

(L-R) Kee Keng Yong, Soo Wee Seng (Image courtesy of Kee Keng Yong & Soo Wee Seng).jpg
Crosstalk Workshop by Sin Feng Xia. Photo Credit: Kee Keng Yong & Soo Wee Seng.

Other highlights include a series of cultural workshops on puppetry, crosstalk, Chinese opera, and performances by local arts and culture groups. With so many events coming up, the inaugural SCCC Cultural Extravaganza is set to be both educational and thoroughly entertaining and an exciting eight day festival.

The SCCC Cultural Extravaganza will be held from 20 to 27 May 2017 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906). For more information and ticketing details, visit


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