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Preview: Volt Revolt+A Game of Chaos by Staging the Nation


Staging the Nation presents a doublebill of new works, with Volt Revolt, an extract from a sharp hard-hitting play and A Game of Chaos, an all new theatrical game.

Vote Revolt was inspired by Paul Thompson’s By Common Consent (1974) and paints a dystopian picture of England. What happens when one rejects the system and joins the rebels? A group of boys who represent a failing society, sexism, racism, the pressure of belonging to hierarchies and the need to prove your worth engage in destructive activity, where anything and everything is permitted in order to survive.

Meanwhile, A Game of Chaos takes place in a room that shrinks in size as time goes by. Audience members have a decision to make unanimously, but also a story, objectives and beliefs that will turn it into an impossible task. Will you stay in this mysterious facility and live a perfect life isolated from the world, or will you go back outside with no guarantee of what you’ll find, for the world has changed in the meantime? Voting has never been this hard. 

Staging the Nation is an all female conglomerate of creatives led by producer Gaia Bini. Directed by co-creative Tonje Wik Olaussen, Vote Revolt (by Jessica Bailey) and A Game of Chaos (by Terri Donovan) explore the voices of dissent that go against a status quo, particularly relevant as we live through the shadow of the referendum and Brexit. History repeats itself, and even as we go well underway into the 21st century, the same issues and prejudices from the past are once again returning to haunt us.

Vote Revolt+A Game of Chaos plyas at Theatre N16 (77 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HD) on 26 and 27 May. Tickets available here

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