The latest young & w!ld batch graduates this June with their final show: a production of Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist comedy about the tragedy of language The Bald Soprano. 

Over the course of one madcap evening, six characters meet. As they engage in conversation, sense and nonsense collide. Platitudes replace substance. And dialogue becomes drama. Soon enough, reality starts to break down as language loses all meaning. From the madness and mayhem emerges Ionesco’s brilliant play, an insightful examination of contemporary society, polite conversation and social customs.

Following the sold out original works When S#!T Hits The Fam and Crossings, Rodney Oliveiro once again leads the daring young theatre ensemble to new heights, tackling the complicated and unusual world of absurdist comedy and experimenting with mime, sounds and even different walking styles. Graduating from their 14-month learning journey, this cohort of young & W!LD is set to stun with their final work together as a group before moving on to even greater things in future.

The Bald Soprano plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 7-11 June. Tickets available here 


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