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Gaston Luga: The Backpack

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We’ve always loved Scandinavian design. From sleek, minimalist furniture to other quirky, surprisingly useful products, there’s just something irresistibly alluring about the Scandinavians style.
The Swedish of course, are at the very top of their game in this aspect, and we were recently introduced to Gaston Luga, a backpack brand located in the very heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Elegant yet strong, Gaston Luga’s range of backpacks effortlessly combine style with substance, and are a perfect match for any setting. For us as writers, toting it around when we attend the latest theatre show or even at our usual cafe sipping a latte, heads have been turning, and perhaps, we even detect a hint of envy in the air!
Gaston Luga have currently released two collections –  the Clässic and Pråper series, both consisting truly stylish and eye-catching designs, with over 10 colours and designs to choose from for both men and women. In addition, leather address tags for the backpacks are also available in various colours, so you can mix & match them to make your backpack completely unique. Besides their gorgeous exteriors, Gaston Luga fits their backpacks with a keen functionality too – a pocket specially designed for things needed to be easily accessible yet kept safe (i.e. passport, cash) for example, infusing them with that Swedish sense of practicality.
Whether it’s for work, school, leisure or travel, Gaston Luga’s backpacks will surely fit any and every setting and elevate your status to an instant style icon that will have your friends asking ‘Where did you get that?’ What’s more, for non-EU countries, buyers will always receive free shipping, in addition to a 20% tax rebate.
And the final icing on the cake? Readers, all of you are eligible for 15% off any bag when you use the discount code bakchormee15 when you order your bag online.
For more information and to order a backpack, check out Gaston Lunga’s Official Website and keep up with them on Instagram @gastonluga 

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