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Preview: Makan-tastic at Bukit Batok by Dine Inn

Makan-tastic returns this Saturday to an all new district – Bukit Batok! Organised by Dine Inn, Makan-tastic will bring Dine-Inn’s concept of uniting home cooks with customers hungry for home cooking to real life, gathering them all in a single Community Dine Inn event.

This time around, 20 Dine Inn hosts will be participating in the event to share their specialty dishes. Hosts such as Kharunissa Ghafar and Jothi Ramalingam will be returning once again since their stint at the previous edition at Yishun, and new hosts will also be present at Makan-tastic Bukit Batok. Check out some new highlights below:

Shartini’s Modern Asian Fusion Desserts


Shartini emerged as the winner of #JUS Season 7, Nak Masak segment on Suria. Starting off on her culinary journey after marriage, she quickly got serious and has now managed to make it into a small home business. Even though she does not have any professional baking experience, Shartini works hard to innovate and continually improve her skills, exploring Asian flavours in her recipes to create unique dishes such as Ondeh Ondeh Mini Cupcakes, Black Glutinous Rice Mini Cupcakes, and Chendol Mini Cupcakes.

Siras Banu’s Halal Indian Fusion Food


Siras was inspired to cook by her parents, who used to operate a restaurant together. Today, she makes both Asian and Western cuisine, and she’s had the fortune of an amazingly talented mother who’s imparted some amazing recipes to her. During her free time, Siras continues to research and trial new recipes, and this time around at Makan-tastic, will be presenting some of her delicious creations such as Guacamole Shrimp Bites, Paneer Masala, and Sardine Curry.

Annie Yang’s Traditional and Nutritional Food

Juggling full time work and being a mother isn’t easy, but Annie Yang’s love and passion for cooking spurs her on to continue making her DIY express lunches everyday, sharing them with her colleagues and friends. Back in Malaysia, Annie used to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine nurse, and now uses her knowledge in Chinese medicine to incorporate traditional natural herbs into her food to provide strength and energy for the whole family. At Makan-tastic, she will be bringing an assortment of traditional and nutritious homemade dishes such as Nourishing Fish Maw Soup, Hot& Spicy Sambal Pork Ribs, and Bentong Ginger Chicken to the table. Yum!

Besides sampling scrumptious home-cooked modern cuisines, family recipes, snacks and desserts, participants can also take part in Decorate Your Own Cupcake Workshop and pick up tips from cooking demonstrations by Dine Inn hosts. The first 200 participants who visit the Esso LPG booth can take an instant photo and bring home an exclusive Esso LPG trolley bag.

Come support your local community in this family-friendly event this Sunday and have a chance to try some creative dishes you’ll be hard-pressed to find in restaurants!

Makan-tastic at Bukit Batok takes place on 11th June from 10am-2pm at the Bukit Batok Community Club Multi Purpose Hall (21 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore


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