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The O.P.E.N. 2017: On The Threshold of Listening by Zou Zhao


Zou Zhao is an artist working between New York and Singapore, specializing in performance and video art. Her works explore issues of language, ideology, subjectivity and translation through the materiality of voice.

In this lecture-performance, Zou will not be focusing on the power of voice and speech. Instead, the Chinese artist will be speaking about quite the opposite: listening. Zou will be examining the death of the listener, as the world continues to scramble for more space to speak, who will remain to listen to the clamouring of voices? Can a speaker even listen to those s/he is speaking on behalf of?


Zou Zhao’s A Necessary Bluff? (2015) Photo from artist’s website

For Zou Zhao, listening, unlike hearing, is an experience of difficulty. An art that is slowly being eroded, it requires effort, persistence and the presence of others. Zou will turn the Arts House’s Chamber into a rehearsal room for testing, practising and redistributing the task of representation. During her lecture, she will be enlisting the participation of the audience, and call on them to reconsider what it means to assemble so as to reclaim the power of listening.

On our Instagram page @bakchormeeboy, look out for our The O.P.E.N. post and simply comment to answer the question ‘What is the opening event of The O.P.E.N.?’ (Hint: It’s this post!) and stand a chance to win a PAIR of O.P.E.N. passes! 

On The Threshold of Listening takes place at the Chamber, The Arts House on 9th July. Limited tickets available on the door, or register beforehand with an O.P.E.N. Pass. 


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