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The O.P.E.N. 2017: Art as Res Publicae

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Art as Res Publicae roughly translates to ‘art as public interests’. The corresponding forum will naturally, discuss the nature of various works of art and its inherent value in our society today, and how we can engage it in discussion and negotiate its position.

Described as a public education programme, participants in Art as Res Publicae will gain new insight into what an artwork is and how important said artwork is towards raising our consciousness within the republic. This year, the programme will be looking at a single artwork in detail each night before opening up the conference to a panel of discussants to debate and dispute the value of said artwork over the course of the evening, offering insight from various walks of life to better contextualize the discussion. 

On 28th June, veteran actresses Tan Kheng Hua and Claire Wong will be reading scenes from Eleanor Wong’s play Wills and Secession, with Reverend Miak Siew, Choo Zheng Xi, Dr June Yap, Alfian Sa’at, Imran Taib and Dr Ad Maulod present as commentators on the topic “Some Complexities Surrounding Pluralism in Singapore”. On 29th June, the topic will be “Singapore’s Future of Care in Ageing”, where scenes from the Hungarian film DEMENTIA will be shown, with Radha Basu, Assoc Professor Philip Yap Lin Kiat, Anita Kapoor, Angela Liong, Dr Vivienne Wee and Dr Jeremy Lim will be commentating.

Aimed to create a fun, safe and responsible environment for vibrant discussion about the arts, Art as Res Publicae will be a fascinating look at the value of arts in society for anyone who’s ever had doubts or burning questions about the issues at hand. Stake a claim and let your voice be heard at The O.P.E.N.’s opening event!

On our Instagram page @bakchormeeboy, look out for our The O.P.E.N. post and simply comment to answer the question ‘What is the opening event of The O.P.E.N.?’ (Hint: It’s this post!) and stand a chance to win a PAIR of O.P.E.N. passes! 

Art as Res Publicae will take place at 72-13 (72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007) on 28th and 29th June. Limited single tickets available on the door, or buy an O.P.E.N. Pass from SISTIC that will allow registration for all events. 

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