We’re always excited when theatre companies pave the way for new writing in Singapore, encouraging young playwrights to make their debut and set themselves up for greatness. That’s why we were excited when we heard that Toy Factory was doing just that with a grand total of FOUR new plays from emerging playwrights being staged this July and August!

The Wright Stuff is a brand new playwriting incubation programme by Toy Factory given form through performances by professional actors, giving fresh playwrights a platform and opportunity to showcase their talents to the public. Armed with plenty of potential and talent, these playwrights have all of Toy Factory’s tools at their disposal to make a splash with their professional debuts, and each story sounds just as exciting as the last!


Beginning with Gina Chew’s Permanence performed last weekend (directed by Mitchell Fang), The Wright Stuff really does look like it’s got all the right stuff it needs to succeed, and we’ll be bringing you reviews of the upcoming next three shows over the coming weeks! Check out our preview below:


Chicken Curry (27-29 July)
Written by Tan Jia Yee
Directed By Stanley Seah

With her mother dying of cancer, Sarah desperately attempts to master her mother’s Chicken Curry recipe before it’s too late. Throughout the process, Sarah struggles to cope with both the impending loss of her mother and her newfound reversal of roles as caregiver to her mother. Along the way, she meets two Chickens who help her recreate the curry recipe and will ultimately teach her about what it means to live and to die.



Sejarah- Ku (1-3 August)
Written by Al Hafiz Sanusi
Directed By Farez Najid

A Malayan-Anglican daughter attempts to succeed her late English father’s unfinished documentation of the legendary lyrical Hikayat of Hang Tuah & Hang Jebat. While attempting to get to the truth of the docuementation, she finds herself trapped in a cycle of both understanding and yet questioning the veracity of history. Through her efforts, the legends come to life until she herself becomes absorbed into the epic tales as she narrates it.



A Piece Of Cake (5-7 August)
Written by Samantha Chia
Directed By Mustafa Rafiuddin

Pat’s bakery opens in a month and she finds herself in a real pickle juggling hot coals between her stuck-up business partner, a wishy-washy potential husband who may or may not ever marry her, a mother who’s pressuring her to bake her own wedding cake, and an impossibly insufferable relative she just can’t shake off. While she takes on distractions and obstacles from all fronts, Pat has to ensure she never loses sight of her dreams, and ultimately, must make a choice for herself that will change everything.


The Wright Stuff’s four plays takes place across two weeks (24th July – 7th August) at NOWPlaying@17 (17A Smith Street, 058931), it’s on the 2nd floor of a shop house along the Chinatown Food Street. Tickets to each individual play available from Toy Factory

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