Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Sing’theatre will be bringing Forever Young to the SOTA Drama Theatre this October!

In 50 years, a group of actors who used be at the forefront of the Singapore arts scene are now housed in a nursing home. With a tight watch kept on them by non-nonsense nurse Sister Sara, these nonagenarians still have life in them yet, and think they’re limber enough to belt out the musical theatre standards, classics from the rock gods, and even scenes from popular local television shows. Once Sister Sara leaves the room, it’s time to party, and off come the wigs, out go the dentures and walking frames are repurposed into stage props.

Adapted by Benjamin Lee from Erik Gedeon’s European cult hit of the same name, this staging will be directed by the indomitable Hossan Leong, with an all-star cast including Karen Tan, Julian Wong, Tan Kheng Hua, Candice de Rozario, Suhaimi Yusof and Ebi Shankara as they show you precisely why they say age is only a (musical) number. Hold on to your seats as these golden oldies crank out a jukebox of hits from Bruno Mars to Britney Spears; you’ll be having the time of your life.


We also spoke to Sing’theatre’s artistic director and founder Nathalie Ribette and Forever Young director Hossan Leong. Check out the interviews below!

Nathalie Ribette
Nathalie Ribette

1. Sing’theatre has always done French-centric type shows, and Forever Young seems to be a conscious decision to move away from that image. How do you see Sing Theatre’s programming to evolve over the next 10 years? More wide ranging musicals? Or a return to revues and Francophile theatre?

Over the last few years, we have developed programmes such as community outreach programmes at local hospitals as well as the Sing’theatre Academy — all of which have no relation to the French culture. As we moved forward, we realised that it made little sense to keep only to French-centric themes in our productions.

As we evolved into our tenth year, we worked on our values and arrived at a new motto: Performing for a better society. Our goal is to produce shows — infused with our signature musical element — that bring social dialogues onstage.

2. How did you come across Forever Young and what makes it be a good musical to adapt for the local arts scene?

I watched Forever Young in Paris two years ago and I loved it! It made me think, laugh and cry — three reactions I like to create when producing a show. The subject on ageing in Forever Young is universal and appeals to anyone. All of us either have parents who are growing old, and we will, for most of us, eventually become old.

3. What’s one song that for you, will stay forever young, no matter what year it is?

Those Were the Days. It has been translated into many languages, and everywhere and anytime I have seen it performed, everyone is taken by the chorus and sing along!

Hossan Leong 

Hossan Leong in Sing’theatre’s 2014 production of A Singaporean in Paris.

1. What was the most challenging part of directing Forever Young?

This is the first time that I’m directing and acting in a play. I think will need to clone myself!

2. Hossan, you look the same even after all these years. What’s the secret to staying forever young?

Be Happy. Find Joy in every smallest thing. But the hardest is to find contentment. But intrinsically, I believe if you keep your spirit young…it shows from inside-out.

3. What’s one song that for you, will stay forever young, no matter what year it is?

WOW there are so many… BUT I must say if you play Thinking of You by Sister Sledge – I love the groove, and you can’t help but shimmy your shoulders. Try it!


Want to catch Forever Young up close and personal, wrinkles and all? We’re giving away TWO pairs of tickets to catch a special PREVIEW of the show on 11th October, 8pm!

To win tickets to the show, all you have to do is:

1. Like us on Facebook and Instagram
2. Comment on this post with the answer to ‘2017 marks Sing’theatre’s _____ anniversary”, and remember to share it! (Hint: you can find the answer in the very first line of our preview post!)

Winners will be contacted via Facebook.

Forever Young plays at the SOTA Drama Theatre from 11th – 21st October. Tickets available here

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