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Review: Cosentino – Anything is Possible by BASE Entertainment Asia

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Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

When was the last time you really, truly believed in magic? If you feel like you’ve lost the enchantment of belief with the drone of adulthood, then we cannot recommend a better show than Cosentino: Anything Is Possible to re-awaken that inner child and put your faith in the power of magic.


Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

International Magician of the Year Cosentino sure knows how to make an entrance. Starting off the show with an explosive burst of pyrotechnics, we knew right from the get go that we were in for one heck of an exciting night. As the sparks slowly petered out, there was no stopping this man’s seemingly endless stream of energy as he danced around the stage confidently, showcasing his moves with well rehearsed, edge-of-your-seat choreography.


Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

How much you enjoy Cosentino’s show is reliant on how much you’re willing to let go of all your doubts and preconceptions and simply go along with this insane ride and enjoy yourself every step of the way. That shouldn’t be a problem though. For Cosentino, magic is as real as it gets, and in just about every act he performs, he continually proves how there are no tricks up his sleeves. In his sleight of hand routines for example, cameras zoom in on his hands that provide a live feed to the screens at the front of the stage, while an audience member is invited onstage to ensure no foul play. As hard as you try to find fault with him, you simply can’t, and naysayers will be put to shame with how smoothly Cosentino unleashes his repertoire, charming the audience with his effortless charisma and complete commitment to his craft.

One of the most exciting acts of the first half was a death defying piece entitled Smashed, where Cosentino was strapped to a chair, with literally seconds to escape before a gigantic axe came swinging down to cleave him in two. A genuinely exciting act (the blade was real, as attested to by the volunteer audience member onstage), there was a sigh of relief as Cosentino managed to wriggle his way out just as the blade was about to come down.

Sawing in Half 2

Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

The first half of the show ended off with the impressive Time Machine act. A work that was four years in the making, Cosentino did a fantastic job of making it look easy, when in reality, there was so much practice and effort that went into rehearsals and preparing for the piece, and we were seriously wowed by how well-oiled this time machine was.


Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

During our performance, Cosentino invited a woman, a married couple and a kid onstage to be his volunteers to show his versatility in engaging with audiences from all walks of life. Of the three, the kid was undoubtedly the most wide-eyed in wonder as Cosentino led him in a card trick that let him pick a card from a deck with various modes of transportation depicted on them, and let him will it into life. Sure enough, as the boy picked a card, an actual helicopter emerged from the wings, much to the child’s (and the audience’s) delight. In a sense, Cosentino is doing something pretty important for the community, and with his magic, becoming an inspiration to kids all around the world to show them that they truly can be anything they want to be. He’s even released a children’s book recently, so even more youths will be exposed to his magic!

Water Trap Escape

Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

To end of the entire show, Cosentino performed the undisputed highlight of the night: a Harry Houdini-esque death defying escape from a water tank. There were absolutely no magic tricks involved here, only pure skill at unchaining himself from the cuffs that trapped him in the tank, as not one but three audience members were invited onstage to check the authenticity of his tools.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-22 at 19.18.17.jpeg

Actual restraints used in the final water tank escape.

As we watched Cosentino struggle for air, the entire theatre collectively held their breath, and only let go as he burst from the surface of the water to thunderous applause. No illusions here, just countless hours spent training for this great escape, this moment in the limelight, and testament to Cosentino’s skill as a performer and magician, and completely deserving of his countless titles and accolades.

Smashed 2

Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

As the last fireworks faded, it was clear that for a man like Cosentino, anything is possible if you believe. Having spoken to Cosentino previously, we were keenly reminded of how he mentioned not having any magicians in Australia to really look up to growing up and pursuing his passion in magic. Now, Cosentino has finally become that person he always wished he had, and an inspiration to a new generation as he dances, dazzles and stuns the world with his unforgettable presence as the best magician in the world.

Performance attended 18/8/17

Cosentino: Anything is Possible
When: Till 27th August 
Where: Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Tickets available from SISTIC

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