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Review: Gun Shy dir. Simon West


In the world of movies, there are good films and there are bad films. And then, there are bad films that simply don’t care, and seemingly go all out to make just about every other film look good by comparison. And Gun Shy? Well, it wears its outrageous mess of a plot proudly on its sleeve, and revels in it at just about every imaginable moment.


Directed by Simon West, famed for action flicks like Con Air, The Mechanic and Tomb Raider, this British action-comedy flick is by all means an absolute riot. Following ageing rock star Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas) as he goes on holiday in Chile, things get weird as his supermodel wife (Olga Kurylenko) is inexplicably kidnapped by a group of pirates. Now, the hapless Henry must use his limited wits and skills as a party rocker to save her.


Camping it up with an insane wig, priceless expressions and general insanity all around, award-winning actor Antonio Banderas is evidently having a whale of a time in his role. Writer Toby Davies probably was having just as much fun, writing up improbable sequences for his cast to find themselves in, as wild llamas cause hunters to shoot themselves by accident, a trained assassin stops a man with seafood allergies by tossing shellfish at him, and a deadly coral snake bites men in the nether region, for comedic purposes of course. If your eyebrows raised a notch reading that last sentence, then I fully suggest you see this film for yourself to see just how these bonkers ideas play out onscreen.


It’s honestly hard to follow the plot, and at no point is Turk Henry’s supermodel wife in any actual mortal peril, considering the ransom for her release is easily payable from Henry’s copious luxury life. But the film continually forces new, illogical, improbable problems to put a hitch in their plans. There’s no real reason to care about any of these characters, who for the most part, are simply caricatures with semi-humorous one liners there to play their one dimensional roles. One would have expected at least a couple of exciting action sequences from West, but sadly, these too are lacking even in the final showdown.


Perhaps then, Gun Shy is the kind of film you should not be watching alone. Get a group of friends, open up a keg of beer and once the alcohol is coursing through your veins, you’ll find that this wild romp of a film is more entertaining than it has any right to be. Leave your brain at the door and lower your expectations, and plop yourself down on a lazy weekend when you have nothing urgent to do to simply zone out, and take in all the hijinks that this irreverent comedy has to offer.

Gun Shy is available on Digital Download now and can be bought here


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