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Enter A World Gone Upside Down with Stranger Things At Halloween Horror Nights 8

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Universal Studios has officially announced their theme for the 2018 edition of Halloween Horror Nights  and with the popularity of a certain Netflix Original series, it was bound to happen sooner or later – Stranger Things fever has officially taken the world by storm and you can expect to be heading into the very depths of the Upside Down at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

As a Stranger Things fan, it feels like Christmas (or Halloween?) has come early, and there is only one appropriate reaction to this:


For those in the dark, Stranger Things is set in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana, and in a homage to the works of both Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and a nostalgia for all things 80s, has found overwhelming popularity with both the public and critics alike. Following the exploits and adventures of a number of residents when mysterious events begin to plague their town, Stranger Things is the perfect amalgamation of horror, sci-fi, the supernatural and good old fashioned friendship, and serves as the ideal backdrop for an edition of Halloween Horror Nights. Unlike previous years, for the first time ever, Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore will be joining forces and teaming up to provide a consistent theme across all three theme parks for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.


A key aspect of the series is the parallel universe known as the Upside Down, where the predatory Demogorgon lurks. Naturally, Universal Studios will be taking full advantage of this nightmare inducing monstrosity, and have it stalking visitors across the park as they’re chased into various mazes inspired by season one of the series.


Universal Studios is working closely with Netflix and the Stranger Things creative team, including creators and executive producer Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer and Shawn Levy to provide an authentic experience for visitors, giving them a chance to encounter iconic scenes, characters and environments from the series. Fans of the series are set to be delighted by familiar plots and episodes, including the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory and the Byers home adorned with an erratic display of flashing Christmas lights, while the Upside Down woods will be filled with chilling storms of  floating orb-like spores.

Even if you think you’re a superfan or possess nerves of steel, Halloween Horror Nights has the uncanny ability to find everyone’s weak spot, and send a shiver down your spine with the shocks and surprises you’ll find at every sharp corner. And whether you know Stranger Things or not, there’s plenty of time before September hits to marathon the show with friends and family, and head on down together to scare yourself silly at Halloween Horror Nights 2018 at Universal Studios later this year.

Halloween Horror Nights 8 runs on select nights from 28th September to 31st October 2018. Tickets available here


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