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Making Magic Out Of Thin Air: Welcome to The Airzone


In land scarce, mall-plenty Singapore, it can be next to impossible to find the space or creativity to come up with a new venture that sets you apart from the rest. But one group of daredevils has found an ingenious way to do something truly special: The Airzone.

Located inside City Square Mall on Kitchener Road, The Airzone has taken over the most unexpected part of the family-oriented mall – the midair open space across four floors. Created by the Ultimate Entertainments Group, the team behind Art-Zoo and rides at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, The Airzone presents the world’s first indoor suspended net playground.


All one has to do to catch sight of the Airzone is to look up when wandering around the mall. Taking up four floors worth of open air space, the Airzone acts as a netted, elevated playground divided into four distinct playzones, ranging from a ball pit, to giant inflatable zorb balls, to even a fast moving slide that will take you down a whole floor. It’s a whole lot of fun, and makes for a surprisingly good workout as you bounce around and explore each of the play zones. All you have to do is make sure you’re dressed appropriately and comfortably (laced, covered shoes are recommended), store your loose items in the lockers provided, receive your ‘pre-flight’ safety briefing, and you’re ready to rumble.



Stepping out onto the nets for the first time can be a scary experience, but all you have to do loosen up and start bouncing on your feet. The more you relax, the easier moving around will become as you get used to it and let go of all your anxieties. Before long, you’ll find yourself a regular ‘Airstronaut’, chasing your friends around the arena and bouncing your way to the top. Even if you’re afraid of heights (don’t look down), the Airzone encourages visitors to face their fears and step out of their comfort zone, with the certified safe safety nets, the same kind used for trapeze and highwire circus acts – with each net able to hold the weight of up to two fully laden SBS buses, and even have an additional net beneath should the unexpected occur. Each level also has one access and exit point, allowing visitors to leave anytime they feel uncomfortable, and the versatility of the nets allow for various themed events to take place, be it birthday celebrations, movie screenings or even suspended yoga sessions.


Says technical director Steve Wood: “I saw Tomas Saraceno’s In Orbit in Dusseldorf, and I’m usually the first one to jump out of a plane and don’t get scared easily, but this was quite something. We wanted to recreate that experience and make sure it was safe, accessible and memorable. A lot of people might go ‘oh my god, this can’t be done!’, and because it was new and so many unknowns, we had to sit down with the authorities and create new rules and regulations, setting the benchmarks for similar projects in future.” 

He continues: “I’ve been a safety engineer on several attractions and theme parks in Singapore, and I finally wanted to do something original on my own. And with The Airzone, I think that even though it’s been such a challenge to get it installed, we can safely say that we’re very proud of it and that we’ve quite literally created something out of thin air.”


Besides the Airzone itself, the team is currently developing a cafe/co-working space beside the registration counter, operating on a durational charging system with free flow of amenities, drinks and snacks, to use as an event space or area for guardians to relax in while their friends or wards head up the Airzone. Every six months, the Airzone also aims to keep things fresh by introducing new elements each time, ranging from mini-ziplines to even laser tag and silent disco.

Ultimately, the Airzone is a place where anyone and everyone should feel completely free, defying gravity and fear itself as they take each bold step forward onto the nets. Discover for yourself the wonder of flight in this truly unique experience, as the Airzone brings City Square Mall to new heights, and leave you breathless with wonder as you venture forth into this incredible aerial world.

The Airzone
Where: City Square Mall  Level 2, 180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539
When: Daily – first session at 11am and last admission at 9pm 
Contact: Call +65 3159 0760‍‍‍, Email, or visit their website

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