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An International Feast for the Senses at HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Makan Hub

Feast your eyes on some of the tantalising food options available at the 2018 HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens! Prepared by a team from SATS Delaware North, master caterers for the Singapore Sports Hub, a cornucopia of rugby-themed and classic Singaporean delicacies await spectators headed down to catch the matches this weekend!

There’s something for everyone on the varied menu, with 10 international and local delicacies to keep rugby fans primed and ready for all the on-pitch action. Conceptualised and prepared by SATS Delaware North Executive Chef Mr Garry Edgley, expect dishes that span continents from Africa to Australia, perfect for foreigners to get a taste of home and for locals to sample new exotic flavours.

Look out for the classic beef sausage roll, a traditional favourite at Australian rugby stadiums, crispy on the outside and filled with a rich serving of minced beef and a tomato chutney for that extra special Singapore spice. From South Africa, expect to see Boerewors sausages with grilled onions, a staple of South African barbeques, while visitors can also purchase Canadian specialty Poutine – French fried potatoes topped with pulled pork in its own gravy, with this version oven cooked for 12 hours and slathered in gravy. And for dessert, look out for some Spanish Churros with a side of sweet chocolate sauce to dip the fried snacks in.

Naturally, Singaporean cuisine will also be on show, with classics such as soto ayam, murtabak served with curry sauce, prawn laksa, satay chicken and assorted wok fried seafood topped with chilli crab to be sold as well.

Besides cheering on your favourite team, what better way to show support than to purchase the country’s signature food from the HSBC Singapore Rugby Makan Hub? Fill your tummy with the tastiest dishes from around the world as you expend your energy shouting and feeling the adrenaline course through your body, and if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and ‘try’ each and every dish on the menu to determine which one you think should come out tops!

Photo Credit: Singapore Sports Hub

The 2018 HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens takes place at the National Stadium from 28th – 29th April 2018 Tickets available here. A brand new ticket offer that gives buyers a discount of between 15 – 21% when purchasing packs of four adult tickets is also available until 29th April, while HSBC card holders can enjoy an additional 5% discount on top of this offer.

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