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PlayCraft Studio: Actor Training Workshops by Khairul Kamsani

Khairul Kamsani is currently completing his MA in Actor Training and Coaching at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RADA) in London. But this July, he’s back, and ready to put those skills to use in a series of actor training workshops for any aspiring actors.
Previous schooled at LASALLE and a Resident Assistant Director at Singapore Repertory Theatre, Khairul utilises principles drawn from Viewpoints, Meisner, Michael Chekhov and Stanislavski concepts to conduct his classes, coupled with his own style, for a total of 10 different classes held from 16th to 22nd July. Join Khairul as he shares his own experiences​ and uses what he’s learnt to impart knowledge upon any and all interested students.
PlayCraft Studio Actor Training Workshops take place from 16th – 22nd July at Ekamatra’s Greymatter Studio. To book classes, visit his website here

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