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Preview: Because it’s Fun by The Fool Theatre


Founded by Xavier Kang and Tung Ka Wai, The Fool Theatre is the latest theatre company to sweep into town, set to debut with their inaugural production this October!

A multilingual theatre company, The Fool Theatre believes in the construction of one’s own cultural identity beyond the languages we speak, utilising original scripts or localised adaptations of renowned scripts in their productions, leading the charge with innovative art forms and mediums to promote inclusivity. In their debut then, they will be presenting a new play entitled Because It’s Fun. 

Written by Tung Ka Wai and directed by Xavier Kang, the play is set in a secondary school and follows the fallout when a student falls from the rooftop and lands in the hospital. Troublemaker Weicheng is the only witness, leading him to become the prime suspect. Will teacher Ms Lim’s faith and passion remain intact as she puts Weicheng’s past behind her and protect and help her students?

Starring Audrey Luo, Drake Lim, Abby Lai, Terry Tan and Pearl Hoo, Because It’s Fun aims to address the constant social issue of bullying through an engaging and lively narrative, and to encourage audience members to become a pillar of strength for the oppressed and find solidarity and harmony together.

Because it’s Fun plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 12th – 21st October 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC

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