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Review: Colours by Split Theatrical Productions

Finding the answer to life in plane sight. Inspired by the theme of religion and reflection on time, the universe and the divine in T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, Colours deviates from Split’s usual themes of […]

Review: Civilised by The Necessary Stage

An audacious celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial and our post-colonial hangups in true TNS fashion.  From the very moment the Singapore Bicentennial was announced, fiery controversy was sparked as the […]

Preview: Colours by Split Theatrical Productions

“What is your name?” Conceptualised in February 2019, and taking inspiration from T.S. Eliot’s set of four poems titled ‘Four Quartets’, Split Theatrical Productions presents a brand new devised work […]

Preview: Civilised by The Necessary Stage

Break out the party poppers, cut the cake, and celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial with The Necessary Stage (TNS)! But hold on a minute – should we really be celebrating our Bicentennial, an anniversary […]

Review: The Transition Room by Toy Factory

Waiting rooms can feel like hell.  Over the years, purgatory onstage has taken a great many forms, from the horrific to the mundane. With Stanley Seah’s The Transition Room, the […]

Preview: Island Song by SoDa Players

Formed seven years ago, the SoDa (Song and Dance) Players’ have grown from a motley group of students under the same music teacher performing the occasional recital to a tight knit […]