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Preview: Provenance by Autopoetics

Photo Credit: Crispian Chan

This October, SOTA, NAFA and NUS teachers Chelsea Crothers, Laura Hayes and Maiya Murphy are coming together to form Autopoetics, as the three physical theatre practitioners debut onto the scene with a brand new performance – Provenance. 

The concept behind Provenance was when Laura Hayers devised the idea of a (play)box, mixing and curating objects, images, sounds and experiences to write a play beyond using words alone. Through this method, Provenance then promises an experience that is led both physically and visually in its presentation, exploring how much value we give to things, people and the connection between art, beauty, relationships, and commerce.

But Provenance isn’t all abstract, and in fact, follows a storyline – we focus on the life of hoarder Alice, as her home physically deteriorates over time and her finances worsen. Her daughter Agatha fails to persuade Alice to move into a care home. But one day, all her troubles seem to float away when Alice finds a potentially valuable piece of art in the rubble of her home. Can she prove its provenance and sell their way out of a desperate situation?

Questioning the worth of an object based on its origin, in turn leading to discussions surrounding how far we’re willing to upset the balance of relationships in the pursuit of art and finances, Provenance promises a production with rich visual imagery, evocative text and inventive physicality. Come watch as Autopoetics bursts onto the scene with their unique brand of theatre-making, storytelling, and ultimately, show audiences what it means to be alive in the world today.

Provenance plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 26th to 27th October 2018. Tickets available from Peatix

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