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Preview: Blue Elephant Theatre’s Winter Season 2018

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LONDON – This holiday, the snow won’t bother you as you settle in to Camberwell’s top theatre for a season’s worth of exciting, original theatre presented by Blue Elephant Theatre. Providing creative opportunities to those who need it most as they work with schools and emerging artists, this season’s lineup again showcases the spectrum of theatre that this quaint but infinitely creative space.

The Witch of Elephant Park
26th October

This Halloween season, Blue Elephant Theatre takes families and children on a spooky witch hunt through the neighbouring Elephant Park. But thankfully, you won’t be hunting down any witches – you’ll be helping the resident witch find ingredients to get her spells into action. Keep warm because it’s an outdoor activity, and have fun as you go trick or treating in this fun outing full of spookiness and silliness.

Canary by Fun in the Oven Theatre
11th November

Created in collaboration with award winning Spanish Physical Theatre Company Teatro En Vilo, Canary provides a voice to Britain’s brave Munitionettes, featuring a three motley munitions workers ‘doing their bit’ for the war. That is, making bombs. But when an air raid sends them on a journey of euphoric emancipation, how will they navigate their newfound post-factory life?

Bright Raven! by HOAX
15th November

Come join the cult. Or rather, a cult(ish) revolution with Bright Raven. All you have to do is sign your soul, and get yourselves ready for dark clown and electronic music, a strangely appropriate response and rallying whoo-up for these turbulent times.

For Only An Hour by SARDOVILLE
16th & 17th November

For Only An Hour takes you through a one man romp of childhood dreams, pop culture and queer art, danced to a hilarious soundtrack of Angela Lansbury, Delia Smith and Bette Midler. A coming out story, a queer manifesto and the limitations placed on us in youth in terms of gender, conformity and specialism, watch as this one man show presents to you the power of dreams.

Whisper Me Happy Ever After by Face Front Inclusive Theatre
19th November

Big brother Aaron’s great at making up adventures but Yasmin longs for happy ever afters like Mum used to tell…but Mum doesn’t have time anymore. The play follows a family experiencing domestic abuse and explores the effects on the mental health of children who witness it. Come participate in this forum theatre piece and decide what you would do if placed in a similar situation.

#nofilter by Ella&co
21st November

Millennials honestly don’t have it easy. From avocado on toast to cankle insecurity, watch as ella&co. bring out the confessions of the millennial life through a fast-paced series of images, movement and dialogue ponder the curious and fantastical of today’s generation, bringing our performative online personas to the performative stage setting with just a small helping of kale.

Him Indoors
22nd-24th November

Head on down to Tittitutar town, where things are not quite right….it’s something you can’t put your finger on, One journalist is determined to get to the bottom of the town’s peculiarities. Hearing about a strange lady who claims she has a small man squatting in her stomach, he heads up North to meet her and the rest of the town’s inhabitants. What absurd or worse, horrific things will he find here in this strange town populated with oddbods, misfits and nosy-parkers?

Land of Nod by Moon on a Stick
25th & 26th November

Come join Moon On A Stick as they bring you into a magical dream world filled with laughter, audience interaction, surprises and song, designed especially for children aged 3+ and their families. Blending puppetry, captivating storytelling and an enchanting musical score in this star-light adventure, come find out what it means to be tired, over-tired, and be filled with wonder.

Solo Roulette
27th – 29th November

Come watch this series of  solo works-in-progress, developed from the Solo Theatre Workshop at the Actor’s Centre run by Colin Watkeys. Soloists Petra Haller, Michael Brazil, Neil Linpow and Tony Tang are here to give you deeply insightful, intimate stories ranging from tales of religion and depression, cancer and euthanasia, celebrities and show business, and race and identity.

Baa Humbug
8th – 15th December

In their final production of the year, Blue Elephant Theatre presents the perfect Christmas family show about a rambunctious group of farm animals on Christmas Eve as they celebrate the holiday season. But Humbug the Sheep thinks it’s a waste of time to have friends and play their silly games. Is he really happy though? With the help of the Farmer, a time-travelling tractor and a little bit of Christmas magic, Humbug the Sheep comes to see how important it is to have friends and to feel happy about new experiences.

Blue Elephant Theatre is also relaunching its Free Tickets for SE5 and SE17 Scheme. There are a limited number of free tickets for each show available to those with SE5 or SE17 postcodes, as part of the theatre’s ethos of engaging strongly with its local community. To book tickets to these shows, visit the Blue Elephant Theatre website here.

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