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London’s VAULT Festival 2019: 10 By Joyous Gard and Snatchback (Preview)


LONDON – As part of the VAULT Festival 2019, Joyous Gard returns for the third year to the festival to co-present a brand new play by Lizzie Milton. Titled 10, the play is set to celebrate ten unsung heroines from history when it premieres in the final week of the festival in March.

10 stories, 5 performers, 1 riotous celebration of history’s heroines. Pick up your average history textbook and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only people who did anything up to the 20th century were white men. 10 sets out to redress the balance. Written by Lizzie Milton and directed by Nastazja Somers, 10 celebrates the all too often unacknowledged achievements of ten extraordinary and influential women:

Actresses Pamela Jikiemi, Beth Eyre, Naomi Knox, Rebecca Crankshaw and Lydia Bakelmun will play a total of 10 characters from history, namely Queen of Mercia Æthelflæd ; abolitionist & autobiographer Mary Prince; imposter & performer Princess Caraboo; nurse & author Mary Seacole; mathematician Ada Lovelace; revolutionary Constance Markievicz; painter Gwen John; WW2 heroine & author Noor Inayat Khan; cryptanalyst & numismatist Joan Clarke; and campaigner Brenda Procter.

Directed by Nastazja Somers, founder of HerStory: Feminist Theatre Festival, and cofounder of all-female company Dangerous Space, get ready for a rapidfire performance that brings out the best in history’s forgotten female figures, and gives them the recognition they deserve.

10 plays from 13th to 17th March 2019 at the VAULT Festival Cavern as part of VAULT Festival 2019. Tickets available here

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