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Museum Musings: I Am You at UltraSuperNew Gallery


UltraSuperNew Gallery on Rowell Road is set to present their first exhibition of 2019 this February. Titled I Am You, the exhibition will feature the work of eclectic French visual artist Elodie Chandernagor, as she challenges the illusion of self and explores the divinity of the human body through her photography. 

Major questions Chandernagor asked herself as she went through this exibition included definitions of the artist and her identity both within and outside art worlds. Believing that both the individual and collective history of humanity leave a mark on architecture, on surroundings, faces and even skin, expect to see the relationship between architecture and the human body explored in this colourful collection of artworks, making for an intellectually, physiologically, and sometimes even spiritually stimulating experience. 

The exhibition then seeks to find the balance between paint, art and the body, as we enter an age where artistic mediums continue to gel and combine with each other to become multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. Let the photos of Chandernagor evoke new knowledge from viewers, ultimately hoping to answer the question: “What if both the audience and the artist took turns to be sources of inspiration from each other, as both actors, and spectators?”

I Am You runs from 15th February to 15th March 2019 at the UltraSuperNew Gallery, 109 Rowell Road. Admission is free. The opening reception will take place on the 15th February at 7pm with special guest set by DJ Betty Jimenez. For more information, visit their website here

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