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Television Time: BBC Shows March 2019


This March, the BBC has prepared an exciting line-up of shows to get you hooked as you settle in and binge watch all that the channel has to offer. Check out the list below:


Wild Metropolis

This innovative series features a diverse cast of animals that are adjusting to this new world better than we could have predicted. Not only are they applying their natural-born skills and abilities to life in the city, they are also making amazing physical and behavioural adaptations. With an emphasis on beauty and filmed to the highest cinematographic standards, this definitive series will showcase the urban world with the same epic scale, ambition and techniques used to film the natural world.

From humpback whales breaching in New York’s Hudson Bay to huge colonies of megabats in Adelaide, golden jackals in Tel Aviv to Burmese pythons flourishing on the streets of Bangkok, we’ll experience our most-loved and familiar cities through fresh eyes – those of the animals that live in them – showing a wilder side to a world we think we know. Using blue chip natural history behavioural sequences, we will explore the conflict between humans and wildlife, discover that we are on the road to resolution and ask if coexistence is possible.

Catch the premiere of Wild Metropolis on Monday, 4 March 2019, 8.05pm on BBC Earth (StarHub ch 407). The series is on BBC Player as catch-up.

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor Series 8

This long-running hit gets behind the hype and headlines to find the truth about what’s good for your health. The team seek out the latest research and work with leading universities to run major experiments. Can learning a language boost your brain? Does going vegan make you healthier? Does cannabis make effective medicines? Which is better for you – tai chi or a workout at the gym?

With expert presenters from the fields of genetics, psychiatry, surgery and general practice, this programme brings you the health advice you can trust, and takes you to the cutting edge of medical research.

Catch Trust Me I’m A Doctor (Series 8) on Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 10.45pm on BBC Earth (StarHub ch 407). The series is on BBC Player as catch-up.

Life Below Zero Series

Rejoin the icy adventures of Life Below Zero’s resilient characters as the Emmy Award-winning show returns to Alaska to chart their day-to-day lives in one of the toughest areas of the world. It’s a time for looking ahead to the future and, for most of our characters, that usually means essential preparation and food gathering so they can survive the punishing winter ahead. But for Sue, it’s about realising that the limitations of her ageing body could mean moving to a less challenging home. Dark winter gives Glenn a unique chance to test his primitive skills in the wilderness, while Jesse pushes himself and his star dog team to the limit as they prepare to compete in the world’s largest dog race, covering a distance of over 1,000 miles.

Watch Life Below Zero (Series 6) on Thursday, 14 March 2019, 10.45pm on BBC Earth (StarHub ch 407). The series is on BBC Player as catch-up.

Earth’s Greatest Rivers

Embark on the ultimate river voyage down three of the world’s most epic rivers – the Amazon, the Nile and the Mississippi. This series reveals the astonishing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of these legendary waterways from their source to their mouth. The latest technology, previously unfilmed locations and drone footage reveals their true character in a way not seen before. Dive into newly discovered Amazon lagoons and swim with giant electric eels. Timelapse cameras enable a Mississippi barge to zoom hundreds of miles downriver in seconds. And camera traps reveal an incredible cast of iconic African animals reclaiming the ruins of Idi Amin’s extravagant hunting lodge on the banks of the Nile. This series brings these rivers to the screen in all their surprising and fantastic glory.

Catch Earth’s Great Rivers on Monday, 25 March 2019, 8.05pm on BBC Earth (StarHub ch 407). The series is on BBC Player as catch-up.


Grand Designs Series 16

Presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain’s most ambitious self-building projects in Grand Designs, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams.

The brand-new series of Grand Designs is as wide-ranging and inspiring as ever. There’s a crumbling 18th-century listed castle in the historic county Buckinghamshire, painstakingly restored and reinvented as a family home for four. In beach side Cornwall, a surfer brings to life a giant steel and glass house inspired by an 80s cult film. There’s a cutting edge ‘healthy house’ near the London Borough of Richmond, meticulously designed to improve the health of two young boys living with life threatening conditions.

And not forgetting a revisit to the giant cob castle in the beautiful countryside in Devon, one man’s vision that’s taken eight long years of struggle to finally complete. Kevin McCloud is once again on hand to share the pain, and celebrate the triumphs, of those risking everything to create extraordinary new places to live.

Catch the premiere of Grand Designs Series 16 on Monday, 4 March 2019, 9.10pm on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub ch 432). The series is onBBC Player as catch-up.

Eat Well For Less Series 5

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin confront families whose food bills are spiralling out of control to show them simple and effective ways to save a fortune on their shopping.

They spy on them in the supermarket, snoop through their cupboards, remove all the labels from their food and swap some of their beloved brands with alternatives, some cheaper, some more expensive where they think quality is better.

Catch the premiere of Britain’s Best Home Cook on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 10.05pm on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub ch 432). The series will be on BBC Player as catch-up.


Death in Paradise Series 8

The smash-hit whodunit returns. Detective Jack Mooney is starting to get to know the people and places of Saint Marie. But there’s little time for sightseeing, as there are some fiendishly clever murders to solve. From a local radio DJ murdered while live on air to a zookeeper killed by a poisonous dart, Jack and his team have their work cut out. Energetic officer Ruby Patterson – the commissioner’s niece – is a new face on the team.

Catch the premiere of Death in Paradise Series 8 on Friday, 1 March 2019, on BBC First (StarHub ch 522) and BBC Player.

Call The Midwife Series 8

Call the Midwife follows the nuns and nurses as they provide the expectant mothers of Poplar with the best possible care. Series 8 continues to explore complex medical and personal situations on the midwifery and district nursing rounds. It is now 1964 and it’s evident how the times are changing: from the beacon of the contraceptive pill and the shadow of the 1967 Abortion Act, to the introduction of a new cancer-screening programme. The nuns and nurses continue to face a variety of challenging issues including interracial adoption, cleft palate, sickle cell and cot death. And for one of the team, romance could be on the horizon.

Catch the premiere of Call the Midwife Series 8 on Friday, 15 March 2019, on BBC First (StarHub ch 522) and BBC Player.

Cleaning Up

The characterful drama focuses on an ordinary working class woman, Sam, who is caught between two worlds – the everyday life of a devoted and loving Mum and the darker, dangerous world of insider trading. Sassy office cleaner Sam is one of an invisible army of cleaners on a zero hours contract who mop, sweep and vacuum in the early hours. Struggling with an on-line gambling addiction, Sam realises she has access to lucrative Stock Market information which if used correctly could be the answer to all her prayers. Starring BAFTA award winning actress Sheridan Smith.

Cleaning Up premieres on Friday, 29 March 2019 on BBC First (StarHub ch 522) and BBC Player.


Little Britain Series 1 & 2

Take a surreal tour of the British Isles in this comedy sketch show, adapted from an award-winning radio series, as it looks at life in the new millennium by following the lives of some extraordinary and sometimes sinister folk.

Meet Emily, an unconvincing transvestite who runs a guesthouse by the sea, Jason, who is passionately in love with his best friend’s grandmother, and Daffyd, the only gay man in his village (and that’s the way he wants to keep it!) – to name just a few of the quirky characters that feature in this essential dissection of British life. It asks ‘Just who are Britain? What do they do? And why?’

Catch Little Britain Series 1 & 2 on Friday, 1 March 2019 on BBC Brit exclusively on BBC Player.

Top Gear: Best of the Specials

A compilation of the wildest, funniest, and most exciting bits from classic Top Gear Specials. For over a decade, Top Gear’s road trips – and off-road trips – travelled the globe and tackled the biggest questions in motoring. Can cars set us free? Can they bring cultures together? And is it really a good idea to wear denim in tropical climates? Exploring the elements that made these specials so, well, special, the series includes clips from the polar ice caps and the Middle East, and features the presenting trio risking life and limb on Bolivia’s Death Road as well as crossing hippo infested waters in Botswana.

Catch the premiere of Top Gear: Best of the Specials on Monday, 25 March 2019 on BBC Brit exclusively on BBC Player.

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