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National Arts Council’s Arts In Your Neighbourhood 12: Tampines

AYN Mar 19 Master Creative FA

The National Arts Council’s Arts In Your Neighbourhood programme is back, and this time, they’re taking Tampines by storm. As Singapore’s third largest new town, Tampines was once a rubber plantation at the turn of the 20th century, home to sand quarries for a long time before developing into the residential hub it is today.

Over 50 arts activities will be happening across 16 locations islandwide, with close to half of the programmes are inspired by the vibrant history and iconic sights and sounds of Tampines. Attempting to bring communities together through neighbourhood-centric programmes designed to foster a sense of belonging, visitors can expect programmes such as an interactive contemporary dance performance at the Tampines Round Market, with District 18 by P7:1SMA, music performances played from a roving musical truck featuring original melodies by young and old residents of Tampines with Music on the Move by Ding Yi Music Company; site-specific public art installations around the neighbourhood with ( , ) Sense: Tampines; and even music compositions by local artists based on the unique sounds and stories from the community creatively remixed with Syndicate.SG’s Tigers in Tampines.

Each of these family-friendly programmes are just part of the many opportunities AYN brings to Tampines (and beyond!), showcasing the vibrant tapestry of cultures and communities in Singapore, as residents and visitors both come together to appreciate the arts in their living areas, now newly activated.

Arts In Your Neighbourhood runs from 7th to 24th March 2019 around Tampines. Adission is free for all activities. For a full list of programmes, visit their website here

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