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Let Your Fur Flag Fly High: PetExpo 2019

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Returning for its 6th year,  PetExpo Singapore 2019 returns to the Singapore Expo (Hall 7) for another year of exhibitors showing off their best animal goods, animal competitions and experts sharing tips on how best to make your furkid happy, totalling over 240 brands and 90 local and regional vendors taking part.

With growing demands in pet health and wellness, a series of talks and workshops were curated for owners to bring out the best in their pets. A greater focus has been placed on pet diets to help pets build stronger immune system – PetExpo showcases a wider spread of grain and gluten-free options, as well as superfoods for pets. For the first time ever, dog owners can also look forward to treating their canine buddies with nutritious and lactose-free dog-friendly ice cream containing supplement proven to improve the overall gastrointestinal health of dogs.

Also adding on to the field of health and wellness, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Dr. Nicholas Haw is set for a talk providing insight into the common intoxicants and poisons which pets may be exposed to at home or outside, while other talks include First Aid Response and Pets’ Well-being Management and Basic Rabbit Care and What You Can Do at Home to Access Urgency of Veterinary Care.

Tech meets health at PetExpo 2019 as well, with workshops by BodyTalk, a means of therapy to balance out the minds and bodies of animal companions using biofeedback and an extensive protocol chart to find out the imbalances within their bodies, and apply the correct stimulants to let the body correct itself naturally. Other workshops include Therapeutic Massage for Dogs, allowing owners’ relationships with their dog to flourish through alternative therapy, while Game on with Animal Rehabilitation combines balance, strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility into a series of exercises for injury recovery and prevention, teaching owners prescribed daily exercises for their pets. AVA will also be offering a basic free pet health check at PetExpo, as well as share some necessary pet care advice to help owners better manage their pet’s health, and if eligible, might even give your pet a complimentary micro-chipping service.

Sports is life at PetExpo 2019, with dog owners having fun at K9 Sports for Dogs. Dogs can take part in Dog Dancing or Jumper Courses, where they will team up with their dogs and learn simple dance moves, or how to do simple jumper course including jumping over obstacles, ducking through tunnels and rings! Meanwhile, competition heats up underwater with guppies and betta fish battling it out with their size, shape, colour and pattern of their body and finnage in the Guppy Challenge 201 and the 13th National Betta Competition 2019. Also look out for the 18th SKC Grooming Certifications & 7th SKC Elites Grooming Competition, 113th SKC Obedience Championship Trials, 222nd SKC Championship Dog Show, 27th FCI International CACIB Show and the 4th Easter Eggstravaganza Championship Cat Show 2019.

The Flightmasters, a group of parrot enthusiast, will be bringing a stunning showcase of different species of parrots in a myriad of colours and sizes. Visitors are invited to hold them for a photo taking session by contributing $2 to the charity box. The macaws will also be performing a Free Flying Show, where they will spread their wings and roam the hall freely, bringing a burst of colours to the hall itself.

PetExpo 2019 also hosted Fur4Hope, the first charity dog grooming event of its kind in Singapore, with 100% of the proceeds going towards participating dog shelters. Organised by the Animal Arts Academy and Pet Lovers Centre, the event aims to help drive awareness about dog welfare and raise funds for AVA’s rehoming partners. The visitor favourite AVA adoption drive also returns, where visitors looking to welcome a new family member to their home can meet with new bunnies, cats and dogs from the 13 participating animal welfare organisations.

Says Mr Kevin Neo, Director of Exclusively Mongrels: “This is a very unique initiative as it involves engaging the dog owners to do charity for animal welfare groups, including Exclusive Mongrels. Unlike run-of-the-mill fundraisers where there is endless appeals for funds, dog owners actually see 100% of their funds going toward AWGs, and in return get their dogs groomed.”

Added Mr Kevin Neo:“Having a pet is for life, it is a commitment to your pet when you make that decision to give it a home. Do your research, speak to people and pet owners on what is needed to provide for a pet before taking the plunge. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for advice, and assistance to ensure the welfare of your dog is not compromised. Most importantly, a pet is for life and must be considered as a family member, of which one must not give up.”

PetExpo 2019 takes place from 12th to 14th April 2019 at Singapore Expo Hall 7. For more information, visit their website here. Tickets available online or at the door.


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