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Preview: Complexnya by Dance In Situ x P7:1SMA

Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 12.43.11 AM

Dance in Situ presents a brand new ‘performance walk’ this May with their 5th production, Complexnya. Exploring Hong Lim Complex’s environment, structures and history. Complexnya was conceived by Norhaizad Adam of P7:1SMA, and co-created with sound designer Chong Li-Chuan, and 8 performers, namely, Muhammad Sharul Mohammed, Nah Jie Min, Syarifuddin bin Sahari, Hasyimah Harith, On Wei Tian, Jonit Zunnur Zhafirah binte Sazali, Chia Kok Kiong Jason and Xie Shangbin.

With Complexnya, Dance In Situ aims to bring dance out of the theatre and into the community, through the creation of artistic dance works in relation to the landscape or environment of the site chosen. And with this work in particular, invites audiences on a journey through nooks and crannies of Hong Lim, uncovering the dialectic between presence and representation.

Says choreographer Norhaizad: “There’s a certain complexity that hits me when I walk through Hong Lim Complex. Secrets and wisdom in a hidden hub. High rise flats surrounded by business-centric modernity. Immediately, I sense the past. And I wish to resist time. Indulging in my curiosity, my team and I listen to sounds penetrating through walls. Holding space for each other to feel natural light on our skin. Repeatedly lost in a maze-like architecture with lines leading us everywhere. I can make sense of everything that I see, but I wish to pay homage to what I do not see. A place so quiet yet deafening at the same time. I question the relation between humanity and artificiality.”

Complexnya runs from 28th May to 2nd June 2019 at Hong Lim Complex (meet outside Chinatown Point KFC). Tickets available here

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