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Mooncake Season 2019: Mooncakes from Marina Bay Sands

For the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Marina Bay Sands is presenting their mooncakes in a brand new, stylish celeste blue packaging with a brown leather strap, crafted to resemble a lantern. Adorned with motifs of Marina Bay Sands’ iconic hotel towers, the box opens up to unveil an image of Moon Goddess Chang’e soaring across a moonlit sky, complete with Chinese folk melodies. An ivory four-tiered chest each reveals a traditional mooncake or a pair of snowskin delights.

Marina Bay Sands’ well-loved luscious double yolk white lotus mooncake will be making a return, featuring two golden egg yolks enveloped in a velvety blend of premium white lotus paste. This time-honoured Cantonese classic symbolizes the full moon and double prosperity, making it a perfect gift for family and friends.

Marina Bay Sands is also introducing three new and innovative flavours for its range of baked goodies this year. Packed with antioxidants, the zesty yuzu used in the yuzu white lotus mooncake is subtly tart to balance the otherwise sweet treat. Another new creation is the oriental brown sugar Chinese longan mooncake, a nourishing bake made of naturally sweetened paste simmered with brown sugar and filled with chewy dried longan bits. Guests can also savour the classic red bean mooncake, which combines mashed red beans with smooth lotus paste, encased in a glazed golden pastry. All traditional mooncakes are made using premium low-sugar white lotus paste, assuring you of a healthier festive option.

image003 (2)

Three brand new snowskin mooncake flavours will also be available, in addition to Marina Bay Sands’ house signature, the salted caramel mooncake. Each handcrafted mooncake consists of a caramel chocolate orb centre lightly flavoured with sea salt, enveloped in white lotus paste and a thin layer of chewy snowskin. Meanwhile, the strawberry lychee mooncake debuts in a delicate powder pink hue, making it a beautiful combination of eastern and western elements. Low-sugar green bean paste is accented with aromatic lychee tea, complete with fruity strawberry compote swirls and dried strawberry bits for a multi-textured treat.

Also new this year is the honey fig passion mooncake, which consists of silken green bean paste naturally sweetened with acacia honey and passionfruit. Studded with fig compote infused with herbs and fruits, the honey fig passion mooncake is perfect for pairing with tea. Coffee-lovers will also indulge in the decadent coffee avocado mooncake, filled with a blend of creamy avocado and bergamot, complete with a coffee-infused chocolate at its core.

From 13th August to 13th September, these mooncakes will be available for purchase at at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 3, and on the Bay Level of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (opposite Black Tap). A box of eight snowskin mooncakes and a box of four traditional mooncakes are each priced at S$80 nett.

From 29th July until 12th August, enjoy a 25% early bird discount. Sands Rewards LifeStyle members enjoy a 20% discount from 13 August to 13 September. From 13 August, bulk order discounts are also available for orders of more than 50 boxes. For more details, visit


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