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Exhibition Extravaganza: Access Your Emotions This October with 3 Exhibitions at ION Art Gallery


This October, ION Art gallery presents three very different and abstract art exhibitions crafted by diverse groups of talented and passionate artists from Singapore, Korea and Japan. Visitors to the showcase will have an opportunity to explore varying forms of art that are inspired by poignant human emotions including hope, desire, and sadness.

The month begins with Celebration! heART 10TH Anniversary Exhibition from 5th to 13th October, a celebration of life and the wondrous new possibilities it presents. The theme is particularly significant to the artists, who are members of heART, an initiative by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital that offers artistic support to its adult cancer patients and survivors. With no formal art training, the artists have poured their hopes, fears and anxieties into their art, creating inspirational and thought-provoking works.  

Next, from 17th to 23rd October, get ready for Korean Paradise: Korean Traditional Folk & Court Art Exhibition, which introduces visitors to Minhwa or Korean folk art developed during the 17th century as part of the Chosun dynasty. Presented by the Singapore Association of Minhwa Art (SAMA), the showcase features works from 19 Korean artists, who each attempt to convey human desire in abstract yet familiar ways. The pursuit of paradise is a common theme that can be found in Minhwa, which serves as a medium to overcome the woes of everyday life.

Finally, the trio of work ends with Dialectics: Mono No Aware from 26th October to 3rd November, inviting visitors to discover mono no aware, a core concept in Japanese aesthetics that considers the pathos of things. The exhibition is presented by White Space Art Asia, in collaboration with six Japanese galleries – H-art Beat Gallery, Kawata Gallery, Kobayashi Gallery, Kogure Gallery, Shukado Gallery and YOD Gallery – and features a carefully curated selection of artworks from various parts of Japan that aspire to bring to mind a profound sense of mono no aware. The phenomenon offers a powerful yet obscure experience that simply cannot be described with words. The art works will inspire visitors and encourage them to look past the everyday monotonies of life and pay attention to the fleeting yet poignant moments of beauty that are often overlooked.

Celebration! heART 10th Anniversary Exhibition will be on display at the ION Art gallery from 5 – 13 October 2019.

Korean Paradise: Korean Traditional Folk & Court Art Exhibition will be on display at the ION Art gallery from 17 – 23 October 2019.

Dialectic: Mono No Aware will be on display at the ION Art gallery from 26 October – 3 November 2019.

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