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Preview: Blue Elephant Theatre’s Winter Season 2019

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LONDON – Blue Elephant Theatre is brewing up a storm for its winter season, with stories and shows at the intimate Camberwell venue grappling with big questions and themes, whether performed as intricate dance pieces, long runs or works-in-progress, and this season they touch on mental health, dystopian futures and love in all its forms.

Hurricane Diaries
2nd – 19th October

“I assume ya’ll are interested in history… if not, I’ll try and give you as a brief history of Puerto Rico as I can muster….”

Victoria is from Puerto Rico, an island ravaged by a hurricane like none before it. Finding herself in London, she looks back at what it is to be from a place forever changed by violent forces. As she recalls three major hurricanes that hit the island, this solo show reveals a woman rooted in Latin America, shaped by its history, but living far away from home.

Written and performed by Amanda Vilanova, a Puerto Rican theatre maker living in London, Hurricane Diaries explores the complex relationship an immigrant has with their country of birth, the devastating effects of natural disasters on poverty stricken nations and how colonial regimes affect countries today.

 Ellipsis by The Rose Company
21st-22nd October

What would happen if her last string broke

In a world where apathy is the norm, Emma has always pursued the idea of perfection. Nothing could stand in her way. But when a mysterious epidemic ravages the world she lives in and panic becomes common, all that changes. That’s when the testing starts….

This preview performance is The Rose Company’s first project, presented ahead of a full run in 2020. 

Way Back When
22nd & 26th October

Written and directed by Jacqui Livingstone, Way Back When celebrates the efforts of previous generations, finding inspiration for today. Weaving together African and Caribbean folklore and factual history, this playful storytelling performance and workshop for families has been created with the support of Southwark Council’s Black History Month Fund, and is suitable for all ages, but especially for 3-10 year olds. 

Weight/Wait by Caldonia and Katharine
25th October


Karen’s at her first counselling session. Will her mind let her stay?

This “completely engaging and emotionally intelligent” dance theatre duet explores the mental and physical ‘weight’ of our thoughts and inner voice through raw, physical movement, dark humour, original text and music. The audience are taken on a journey with Karen as she tries to keep her head above water.

Caldonia & Katharine create original stories using movement, theatre and spoken word. They engage directly with audiences by presenting relevant topics with emotionally driven content and by breaking the fourth wall. They create from ideas that spark conversation and find light-hearted ways to provoke responses. 

Turtle Dove by Morvell Dance
29th October

Everyone loves a love story.

Turtle Dove explores true tales of the sometimes bumpy, funny and sad journeys we take with our relationships. Made from interviews with people of all ages and sexualities, their voices are weaved into the musical soundtrack and their honesty and secrets are brought to life through dance and theatre. This duet is a heart-warming, candid and witty show that celebrates all forms of love and touches on life’s heartaches.

Devised in collaboration with leading composer Dougie Evans and script writer for the BBC Nick Walker, Turtle Dove is characterised by creative use of text, effortless physicality and its authenticity. Come and experience the stories of strangers who will soon feel like friends.

Easy by Paradox Theatre
5th – 23rd November

My best friend Meg actually lost it last week, to her boyfriend Amir.

Apparently he lit candles.

Magical, was the word she used.

Alice would give anything for something magical to happen to her. But she’s shy, has no idea how to contour and the last thing she loved was a roast potato. She feels ordinary. Unremarkable. Unpopular. Until Jamie from Maths messages her. Finally, something is about to happen to Alice. Something big. Something she won’t ever forget. Something she never expected. And the whole school knows.

Easy is a powerful new play by Amy Blakelock, exploring what happens when we combine social media, love island ideals, Snapchat and teenage insecurity. An intimate portrait of adolescence today, Easy asks us – why is it so hard to believe we’re good enough as we are?

The Christmas Quest
7th – 17th December


Not many people have heard of The Letter-Machine but it has a very important job at Christmas. Possibly the most important job of all. It processes all the letters to Santa and makes sure every child gets a present. When it breaks in a terrible storm, an Elf, Reindeer and Teddy set out on a quest to find the parts to fix it. A happy Christmas depends on their success. 

The Christmas Quest is a new show for families by Blue Elephant Theatre. Full of slapstick humour and joyfulness, it celebrates differences and shares a strong message of inclusivity.

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