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Hong Kong 2019: Guest Chef Roberto Dormicchi and apprentices at Cucina, Marco Polo Hongkong

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HONG KONG – From 26th to 30th October, Cucina’s Chef de Cuisine Andrea Delzanno will collaborate with acclaimed Italian chef and teacher Roberto Dormicchi for the very first time. Hailing from the IPSSAR Hotel Institute in Piobbico, Italy, Chef Roberto and apprentices Simone and Georghe, will work alongside Andrea to create remarkable recipes for an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Chef Roberto has worked with renowned Massimo Biagiali at famed restaurant II Giardino and was a member of three Michelin-star Mauro Uliassi’s opening team at Domani, Hong Kong. Roberto is also passionate about promoting Italian cuisine, and understands the importance of passing down traditional skills and recipes to the next generation. It’s one of the key reasons he has taught at the IPSSAR Hotel Institute in Piobbico for almost 20 years.

Both Andrea and Roberto have also launched a six-month culinary training programme for its two top students, Simone (18) and Georghe (19). The programme will allow them to discover real culinary work experience at a fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong.

“It is our company mission to provide a sustainable impact on communities, and that is why I contacted Chef Roberto to set up the culinary training programme at Cucina for students from IPPSAR.” said Chef Andrea. Chef Roberto and Andrea have designed an intensive training programme from July to December 2019, rotating Simone and Georghe between the cold, hot and pastry kitchen every 2 months.

“This is our first time in Hong Kong and our first time working in a restaurant. We are very excited with the training programme at Cucina.” said Simone and Georghe. “Chef Andrea has given us opportunities and guidance, widening our horizons and offering something we cannot learn in school. For example, Andrea taught us how to work fast and precise in a busy restaurant. We also learned not to make the pasta too hard, as most Hong Kong guests like the pasta soft. These are the details we need to keep in mind while showcasing Italian cuisine in foreign countries,” they said. Chef Andrea will also take them to local fresh markets and other hotels, letting them understand more about the city and its hospitality culture.

“This training program is a brand new experience for them, we hope that they will find this a rewarding and fulfilling one, making good use of what they have learned here to become passionate chefs, promoting Italian culture and food, like me and Roberto,” said Andrea. 

Address: Level 6, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Tel: +852 2113 0808

Roberto and his two students will showcase the marvels of authentic Italian gastronomy at Cucina from 26th to 30th October, alongside with Chef Andrea and his team. Signature dishes include Fassona Beef Tartare with Sour Cream, Grappa Scented Pear and Rocket Salad and Seabass Sandwich with Sheep Cheese and Savoy Gabbage, all showcased in a 4-course tasting dinner menu at HK$888 per person.

An a la carte menu will be available at lunch and dinner periods. Selected dishes from Chef Roberto’s a la carte menu will also be presented on Cucina’s lunch and weekend brunch menus. 

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