KFC Goes Green: KFC Singapore Doubles Down On Sustainable Practices; Eradicates plastic cups and reduces paper packaging waste with reusable trays

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As one of the largest fast-food brands in Singapore with a local presence of 85 restaurants, KFC Singapore has taken the responsibility and commitment to effect lasting change in environmental sustainability. In continuation of its dedication for eco-friendly packaging and waste management, from November 2019 onwards, all KFC restaurants island-wide will see the eradication of plastic cups entirely in favour of paper cups.

Paper cups manufactured out of food-grade paper will replace regular plastic cups, cutting 8.3g of plastic from a regular-sized cup and 10g from a medium-sized cup. This move can expect to see a staggering decrease in consumption of single use plastic cups by almost 500,000 units, or approximately 4.25 Metric Tonnes of plastic waste per month. A whopping sum of 51 metric tonnes of plastic waste can be expected to be saved in just a year.

“As a brand that cares, KFC Singapore is dedicated to packaging innovation as part of our ongoing initiative to reduce single-use plastics and most importantly, waste. We are proud to have kick-started a nation-wide movement against single-use plastic straws in 2018. Next, on our continuous drive towards environmental sustainability, KFC Singapore is replacing plastic cups with paper cups in 2019,” said Lynette Lee, General Manager, Kentucky Fried Chicken Management Pte Ltd.

Doubling down on waste, KFC Singapore has taken a two-pronged approach to sustainable practices – removal of non-recyclable packaging and reduction of paper packaging waste. KFC Singapore began the march for sustainability since 2016. Instead of paper packaging, KFC’s chicken-on-bone meals are served on reusable trays, which has seen a staggering reduction of 175 Metric Tonnes of paper packaging waste. In 2017, the fast food giant ditched all non-recyclable foam packaging and in the following year, it led the No Straws movement, becoming the first fast-food chain in Singapore to boldly remove single use plastic straws and plastic lids for its dine in service. This movement alone saved an estimate of 17.8 Metric Tonnes of plastic waste in a year.

In alignment with the National Environment Agency’s aim to reduce waste, KFC Singapore will be introducing new reusable trays to further cut paper packaging waste on 13 dine-in menu items in its next phase. This initiative will be first put on trial in KFC Kallang and Toa Payoh in December 2019.

As KFC Singapore takes a stance on environmental sustainability through the reduction of waste at its restaurants, the fast food brand hopes its patrons will join them on its course by taking actions to bring their own cutlery and take-away bags to help cut waste.

As spirited as KFC Singapore is about saving the environment, patrons can be assured that their needs are paramount and their dining experiences will not be compromised. In the instance of the No Straw campaign, straws will remain available for children, elderly and people with special needs upon request. Customers ordering take-away will still be provided plastic lids for their drink orders.

For more information on KFC’s continual sustainability efforts, please visit their website

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