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Music Is: Universal Releases Wet Season’s Official Theme Song with newly signed local band NEKO Highway

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Set to make its Singapore premiere as the opening film of the 30th Singapore International Film Festival, Anthony Chen’s award-winning sophomore feature film Wet Season will also be featuring an official theme song from home-grown Singaporean band NEKO Highway.

The theme song, which shares its name with the film, marks NEKO Highway’s first project with Universal Music Singapore, and was composed and sung by the band’s lead singer Kaye, who worked with award-winning arranger Martin Tang and lyricist Tan Yu Xin to complete the final track.

Recalling the composition process of the song on piano, Kaye explains that as the song begins, the melody simulates the soft sound of raindrops, climbing into an emotional crescendo as it reaches its chorus, thrusting us into a climax before dipping back into the soft sounds of a light drizzle as the song ends, emulating the life cycle of a tropical storm.

Lyricist Tan Yu Xin shares how the lyrics originated upon seeing the film, saying: A woman wakes up alone to an empty room, and in her loneliness, compels a bug who has lost its way to fly a path into the room. It’s a very Singaporean film. The female protagonist is not passive in the face of adversity, and there is a stubbornness imbedded in her kindness. Its complicated, just like how everyday life is.

The theme song of Wet Season premiered on 6th November on UFM100.3 and its allied radio partners in the region and beyond. It is now released on all digital streaming platforms. 

Wet Season will have its Singapore premiere on 21st November 2019 to open the 2019 Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF). It will open commercially on 28th November 2019.

SGIFF 2019 runs from 21st November to 1st December 2019. The full Festival line-up and ticketing details will be announced on 22nd October 2019. For more information on the upcoming 30th edition of SGIFF, visit their website here

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