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Exhibition Extravaganza: Hello /enter by Divaagar (SG) x Ryosuke Tanaka (TYO) at UltraSuperNew Gallery

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For their first ever inter-gallery collaborative exhibition, UltraSuperNew Gallery in Tokyo and Singapore present Hello /enter this January.

In an effort to aid local artists in building networks outside of the country, UltraSuperNew Gallery has initiated the programme Hello /enter, leveraging on thee relationship between both galleries in Tokyo and Singapore. Gallery coordinators help connect local artists with each other across countries, and over an eight-week programme, artists will only be given public, digital information of each other (e.g. online portfolios, email addresses) and will have to reach out to each other through the Internet.

At the end of the programme, artists will have to create at least one work in collaboration with each other and individual documentation of the entire programme. These will be showcased in both galleries during the exhibition that opens on 9th January 2020 and runs till 16th January 2020. For its first iteration, the artists featured will be Singaporean visual artist Divaagar and Tokyo-based visual artist Ryosuke Tanaka. While Divaagar is interested in the relationships between desires and spaces through installation, space-making and performance, working at intersections of bodies, identities and environments, Tanaka explores notions of ‘I in society’ via video, installations, and performances to undo how society and history changes ‘I’ into the passive existence of ‘others’.

How will the interactions between Divaagar and Tanaka play out? Watch as Hello /enter finds the artists exploring connections and connectivity through digital, physical and emotional distance, bringing out new work in the form of both site-installations and video installations in this exhibition. Taking their island countries as departure, the artists form and inform their works through what stands between them: the sky and the sea.

Hello /enter runs from 9th to 16th January 2020 at the UltraSuperNew Gallery, 109 Rowell Road. Admission is free. For more information, visit their website here

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