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Exhibition Extravaganza: Zhu Hong’s Streetscape of Singapore at East Garden Gallery, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

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This January, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore presents an exhibition of oil paintings by Singaporean artist, Zhu Hong. Represented by YANG Gallery, Streetscape of Singapore encapsulates Zhu Hong’s understanding of, and passion for city life and architecture, capturing the spirit and essence of a building and its immediate surroundings.

Born in Dalian, China, Zhu Hong has been living in Singapore since 1997. Then, alone and new in a foreign land, Zhu Hong spent his leisure time reading and travelling around the island. Painting offered an important source of mental and spiritual support. Today, this set of 18 art pieces portrays Zhu Hong’s interpretation of a city he now calls home.

Adopting askew lines and unique angles, the playful distortions of architectural elements in his cityscapes and street scenes exhibit a distinctive and contemporary flavour. Vibrant and arresting, the colours employed reflect keenly the lively tropical atmosphere of our island. By injecting an unconventional and localised twist into one of the most traditional and timeless mediums in the Western art world, Zhu Hong’s works inspires us to observe familiar scenes and objects with fresh eyes.

Zhu Hong demonstrated tremendous interest and potential in art since he was a child. Having observed his talent, an art teacher in school once advised him to pursue art at his alumni university should his academic grades remain mediocre. However, his grades qualified him to enrol into university and major in Architecture, a discipline which he had selected as he considered it closely related to art and allowed him to express his visions and ideas through drawing.

Graduating in Architecture, Zhu Hong worked in various fields including Interior Design, Architectural Design and Event Design before turning to a full-time artist in 2011. Zhu Hong actively contributes to the local arts scene as an adjunct faculty lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic where he teaches visual art. He is also a member of the Singapore Watercolour Society and assists the committee for the Federation of Art Societies.

Streetscape of Singapore runs from 16th January to 28th February 2020 at the East Farden Gallery, Fullerton Singapore. Admission is free. 

As part of the Fullerton’s corporate giving programme, a portion of the sale proceeds will be donated to DEBRA Singapore which supports patients living with congenital epidermolysis bullosa.

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