Why Online Clinics Are The Future Of Healthcare

For many years the process of booking an appointment with and going to see a doctor has been the same, regardless of where you are based in the country, or in the world for that matter. However, the presence of the worldwide global coronavirus pandemic has changed that and probably forever. No longer are we able to visit any sort of healthcare setting for things that were previously routine – now we must only go if it is completely necessary.

As a result of this A & E visits in the UK were down by 75 percent in April of 2020. Doctors practices saw a similar reduction of around 40 percent and of those that did book appointments, half of them chose to have their consultation performed over the telephone rather than having it in person, face to face. Although these are of course circumstances like we have never seen before, it does not mean that people are no longer becoming sick or requiring medical assistance. That being said then, where have all these people gone to?

The rise of online

As of 2016, the worldwide online pharmacy market was estimated to be worth in the region of £33.06 billion. This is expected to increase by the year 2024 to around £38 billion. Although this may seem difficult for people in the UK to grasp the scale of – due to us tending to use the more traditional routes of seeking health advice and help – in the USA where they do not have a national health service, online pharmacies are common place. 

That being said, the market for drugs and prescriptions direct to the consumer is actually growing at a fast rate in the UK. This has been accelerated by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Even despite of the rapid growth, most UK based online clinics focus mainly on intimate problems, such as hair loss or sexual health, which are all easy to diagnose. At Numan, the online clinic focuses on men’s health, so provides treatments for erectile dysfunction, smoking, and premature ejacualtion, amongst several others.

UK health care

Prior to the emergence of coronavirus and the added pressure that it has put on the health care service in the UK, it has been clear to see for many years that the NHS has been severely overburdened. This has led to and will continue to force people into seeking private health care, even if it comes at a large expense. 

Whilst there will always be a place for traditional doctors surgeries and pharmacies, digital, online health care can help to improve the NHS for everyone by removing some of the pressure from it. It also empowers people to make their own, more informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing. People are more concerned now than ever before about their health, and the rise of online clinics and healthcare allows them to do that.

As a result, the online healthcare and pharmacy market is only set to grow even further over the coming years. 

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